Finger in the nose – harmful to the nose can drilling be

If someone drilled frequently in the nose, is not the only ugly – it can also have serious consequences, warns Michael Deeg of the German professional Association of ear, nose and throat doctors. If you overdo it, you risk bleeding to nose. This is seen in children often, but can also occur in adults. Because in the nose make way to put together several vessels very close to the surface.

The nasal septum is also a “sensitive Structures”, such as Deeg explained. In the worst case, can result in a hole by a whistling respiratory noise is noticeable. When nose every Time small injuries of the mucous membranes caused also. By germs penetrate easily stick to the fingers. Chronic inflammation in the nose can be the result.

Vicious Circle Nose

Sometimes a vicious circle, according to Deeg. Affected have the urge to pick your nose in the nose, because crusts and bark disturb you. This in turn leads to inflammation and bleeding and a new scab on mucous membranes, and the Whole thing starts from the front. A healthy nose is not plugged in, however, is constantly full of boogers.

During the heating season, the Drill is in the nose, is particularly unfavorable, since the dry air hides the mucus anyway not good gets, explained Deeg.

Noticeable the Problem is often the fact that the Affected light blood tracks in the handkerchief when blowing your nose. “If it bleeds properly, there should be an alarm signal,” says Deeg. In the first step, then, inflammation to treat with ointments. In the longer term, a continuous care – for example, with the help of a regular nasal rinse.