Surgeon tells Tucker COVID vaccine is 'powerful and effective,' but 'not a one-size-fits-all'

Surgeon warns of ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to COVID vaccine

Dr. Hooman Norchashm tells ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ of several cases in which injection should be reconsidered

Retired surgeon Dr. Hooman Noorchashm warned “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Monday that while the coronavirus vaccine should be viewed as a medical miracle, applying a “one-size-fits-all” approach, as many experts are, could cause more harm to some patients.

Noorchashm, a former professor of surgery at Penn Medicine in Philadelphia, insisted that he is not stoking “vaccine hesitancy” but instead calling for both the government and citizens to use critical thinking.

“I think we have to have faith and trust that Americans are not stupid, right? If you level with people, if you decently explain to people what this vaccine is, how it works, right? And then you give them information about how to keep themselves safe, this is the solution,” said Noorchashm.

“I am very strong supporter of this vaccine. I believe that Operation Warp Speed delivered to America in under a year the equivalent of putting a man on Mars, frankly. And this vaccine is probably going to be the most powerful and effective vaccines we have ever made.”

“Just like any other medical therapy and treatment, it’s not a one-size-fits-all. And if we attempt to make one size fit all, we will almost certainly cause harm.”

Host Tucker Carlson noted that America’s ruling class is intent on establishing vaccination as a binary choice in which either you are “for” it, or you are an “anti-vaxxer” who should probably “live in the woods somewhere.”

Noorchashm agreed, noting as an example that patients who have recently contracted the coronavirus or have another medical condition that could cause complications may want to better research their options.

“You don’t have to really go to medical school, Tucker, to understand that it is not a standard approach to vaccinate people who are already infected,” he said.  “Now, you know, the CDC does say if you have a known infection you should wait for 90 days. I don’t think that’s a long enough period of time to wait. Frankly, these folks are all naturally immunized anyway.”

He noted that the coronavirus has a survival rate of geater than 99%, and medical experts touting the proverbial binary choice are “causing totally avoidable harm”.

“I can tell you on social media platforms I have been on, Tucker, the signal is almost deafening. The people who are having complications and adverse events are people who have been recently or currently or previously infected. I don’t think we can ignore this,” he said.

“There are some very, very strong anecdotal cases coming and I’m happy to talk to you about these, but I believe that, you know, we can’t trade safety for efficacy. So, in other words, yeah, this vaccine is going to be one of the most effective vaccines we have ever made. If you take that efficacy and say ‘You know what? We will sacrifice the lives of X numbers of Americans who are unsuspecting and trusting,’ I think you are doing a real disservice.”

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