Man Wants to Look Like a 'Space Elf' With Nose Job and Jaw Liposuction: 'I'm Not Elfing Around'

Luis Pardon has one big dream — to look like a “space elf.”

The 25-year-old man idolizes the creatures, which he says are beautiful.

“I specifically focus my transformations in space elves,” Pardon says in this exclusive clip from Wednesday’s episode of Botched. “They are warriors of love and light, and they protect the Earth from evil aliens and stuff like that. They are very pale, with big eyes, small features, long white hair. It is the kind of beauty that I want to have — ethereal.”

Pardon has already undergone several surgeries to look like a space elf, but with limited success. He started with his eyes.

“Some years ago I learned that you could change your eye color by laser,” he says. “It was experimental, but I decided to do it anyway. I wanted to have purple eyes like elves, but I ended up dark grey, and I didn’t like it at all, so now I have a collection of 500 contact lenses in fantastic colors like black to look like a demon, or white to look like an angel.”

Next Pardon focused on his facial structure.

“The main thing I wanted to change was my nose,” he says. “When I saw the doctor for the first time, I told her that I wanted to have a nose that doesn’t look human at all. A small, and pointy nose. She was kind of — not much happy with it, but we go for it anyway.”

Along with a nose job, Pardon also got liposuction on his jaw.

“When I have my jaw liposuction, I wanted to fix family features that we have,” he says. “We are very skinny, but we have a lot of baby fat on the neck. But sadly, the result is not the perfect small, elfic face that I wanted to have.”

After three unsuccessful surgeries, Pardon now hopes that the Botched doctors can help him achieve the look he wants.

“I want to see Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow because they are perfect to fix the things that I have done to my face,” he says. “I want my nose to be smaller, my jaw to be smaller and more symmetric. I want to fulfill my dreams and reach my goals. I’m not elfing around with being an elf.”

Botched airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on E!

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