Liver-friendly Christmas – Conscious days, enjoy the celebration

Conscious Enjoy you healthy through the holiday season

Sweets, mulled wine, punch, holiday roast: In the advent and Christmas season is often feasted extensively. The Goodies don’t worry master that increases over the holidays, but places a strain on the liver. Health experts give some tips for the conscious to Enjoy at Christmas.

More and more fatty liver disease

According to health experts, more than a third of the liver suffer from fat. The alcohol-related fatty liver is caused by excessive alcohol consumption. The non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) occurs mostly in people who move a lot too little, a strong suffering from excess weight or the wrong feed. According to the German liver Foundation, the number of patients is increased with NAFLD dramatic: one in four Germans over the age of 40 is affected accordingly, and also for many children, this vital Organ is changed more and more frequently sick. Especially in the Christmas season, when the liver is stressed very often. The German liver Foundation, therefore, gives tips for “liver happy” Christmas.

In advent calendars, enormous amounts of calories are often

Although you do not need to take in the Christmas season, inevitably, but it takes a lot of discipline.

The Christmas Goodies are sold already months before the Festival, but is also always greater.

The German liver Foundation indicates in a message on the example of the advent calendar.

The classic chocolate advent calendar with 80 grams of content, therefore, is a discontinued model. The Trend of advent calendars, which means larger, fuller, more expensive.

Increasingly, bars, hollow figures, or cans of Chips to wait behind the 24 doors of the calories strong chocolate.

Not only for children, there is every day a nutritious Surprise: calendar for adults are stocked with beer, liquor, or sausage. And the “calorie-calendar” are just the daily prelude to the Christmas gourmet Finale.

Conscious enjoyment in the advent and Christmas season

With regard to the increase of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in adults and children, the German liver Foundation recommends that conscious enjoyment in the advent and Christmas season, in which the liver remains “cheerful”.

“The alarming statistics in the disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver hepatitis show that, obviously, education is needed,” said Professor Dr. Michael P. Manns, Chairman of the Executive Board of the German liver Foundation.

“Especially in the weeks before Christmas and on the feast days, many adults and children combine a profuse, unhealthy food with little physical movement,” says the expert.

“This combination may result in a longer period to the so-called metabolic syndrome, a combination of various risk aspects such as being Overweight, high blood pressure and Diabetes have on the liver a very negative effect.”

Lack of exercise and improper diet

“Of course, the occasional consumption of a Domino stone, or a Lebkuchens is not causative for, a disease,” said Mann.

“It is the Western sedentary life style with poor diet, the many people all year round, everyday life. Due to increased fat deposition in the liver cells, a fatty liver can occur, which can ignite,“ explained the Chairman of the Board.

“From the chronic inflammation of the liver may develop liver fibrosis, liver cirrhosis and liver cell cancer.”

However, many people notice anything for a long time of your diseased liver. Because the body suffers from a dumb and it is only when the liver is greatly enlarged, and symptoms such as a feeling of pressure in the upper abdomen, tiredness and loss of appetite.

A damaged liver can still be in an early stage of the disease and due to a change in Lifestyle cured discovers, is the Test of the liver-blood values is very important. This is not a rule, belongs to the Routine investigations.

Specifically, obese people and patients with Diabetes mellitus should address to the doctor visit, a possible disease of the liver, and clarify.

Long walks with the family

The German liver Foundation indicates that consumers, in respect of the sugar, salt and fat content when shopping on the “ingredients lists” and “nutritional information”.

For the advent and Christmas season, a Professor’s advises: “For greasy dishes such as roast Goose necessarily measure small portions slowly and consciously enjoy it.”

And further: “As appetizers, light soups and fresh salads are highly recommended. And in between meals absolutely move – the best in the fresh air,“ says the expert.

“Just the time with family or friends at Christmas, you can use wonderful for common activities, such as, for example, a long walk.”

And elsewhere, Christmas may be “liver happy”: So you can assemble the colorful plate with mandarins, walnuts, and almonds instead of chocolate and Marzipan. And Stollen or gingerbread, to offer in small pieces.

However, this recommendation also applies to the time after Christmas, as a Professor, a businessman, stressed: “throughout The year, a moderate diet in combination with exercise is important to keep the liver and the entire body healthy.” (ad)