Kim Kardashian Has Revealed Her Entire Beauty Routine

Ever contemplated what it takes to look like Kim Kardashian? Well wonder no longer – the reality TV star and entrepreneur has shared her daily, weekly and monthly beauty regimen in the latest issue of ELLE US.

And it’s basically a full time job.

The 37-year-old starts her day at 6am with an hour-long workout with Melissa Alcantara, a bodybuilder and trainer who Kim found while scrolling through Instagram.

Next, it’s hair and makeup for an hour. Every. Day.

The mum-of-three gets a manicure and pedicure every 10 days and her brows shaped by legendary brow artist and longtime friend Anastasia Soare.

“Getting my brows done is not only a major part of my makeup routine, but it’s also like a little therapy session. Anastasia will come to my house pretty much whenever, put her light on her head and go to work,” Kim previously said in a video for her app.

“I didn’t really know the importance of a good eyebrow and how much it really changes your face until I met her,” she said. “The shape has changed my whole face, everything.”

Her regimen also involves “teeth whitening, spray tans, laser hair removal, various stomach-and thigh-tightening lasers (although she’s cut back on those), daily skin and hair vitamins, plus the occasional marathon hair event, like the cornrows, which took six hours and kept her up until 2 am” according to ELLE.

But her eyelashes? They’re all, 100% her. 

She’s never done extensions, doesn’t need them. The Armenian side of her family took care of that.”


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