4 Totally Doable Ways To Combat Your Anxiety At Work

For many of us, anxiety is hidden. 

It’s not spoken about, it’s not recognised and not many people know how much it really does affect a person. Work can be stressful for everyone, but when you have anxiety it’s just added stress that you don’t need. Trying to look past it and get things done just doesn’t cut it sometimes.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, one in eight females and one in ten males reported having an anxiety-related condition. Stress from work can bring out the anxiety even more and make it harder for those affected to cope and handle their workload.

You can do certain things to minimise your anxiety, like stay organised, find ways to relax when things get busy and understand that sometimes you may need help getting tasks done.

Here, we’ve rounded up a few more ways to help you fight anxiety at work.


Making to-do lists allow you to see all your tasks at hand and make it easier for you to prioritise your workload. When you’re able to see everything in front of you can easily pick and choose what needs to be done now and what can wait. It’s especially easier when you have to add five new tasks in the middle of the day and need to rearrange your schedule. Prioritising tasks mean you won’t be stressing over deadlines and time management.

Take Breaks

When you’re anxious at work, it can be very easy to forget to take your break. You have a million things on your mind and before you know it, it’s home time and you haven’t eaten since the morning. Breaks are essential to allow your mind to reset and for you to refuel. Hunger can make it extremely hard to focus on work and you’ll realise breaks make you more productive.

Stay Organised

Staying on top of your work and keeping organised will save you a lot of stress and anxiety. When your workspace is unorganised, your mind is too. Colour-coordinating files and notes can be therapeutic so invest in some quality stationery to make your life easier.

Document wallets, manila folders and binders make organising loose papers and documents much easier. Using different coloured pens when you’re writing can also keep you more organised and allow you to differentiate from the random thoughts in your head to the tiny scribble about an urgent email you’re meant to send.

Live By Your Diary

There are so many different diaries out there and once you start using one you’ll soon ask yourself how you went so long without one!

When you have several meetings, deadlines, and events it’s great to have everything written in a diary, especially when you’re trying to stay on top of it all. On your way to work, you can flip through and be prepared for the week ahead. You can also keep notes from each day, writing about what made your day better or easier, and what made your day that bit harder. Maybe the later train was too packed for your liking, or maybe the 3 pm snack helped you stay focused. The little things throughout your day all add up and keeping note of what helps and what doesn’t will help you keep your anxiety under control.

Working with anxiety can be hard, but learning to cope and handle stressful workloads and situations can make a drastic difference to your wellbeing.

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