Workout with Whitney Simmons: 4 effective Gym Exercises for the perfect Butt

No matter whether or not Squats, Deadlifts or Glute Bridges Exercises to train legs and Butt, there are many.

Fitness Queen Whitney Simmons knows them all and she proves once again in her latest Workout Video on Instagram – an ideal Mix for the legs and buttocks.

On Instragram the sporty blonde allocated to Routine weekly for your Fitness and gives her 2.9 million followers tips and Tricks in terms of Fitness and nutrition.

4 Exercises for legs and buttocks, which are

Properly executed, demand of these Exercises are definitely everything, from your Butt muscles.

As for the Workout Equipment is required, it is recommended that you do the Exercises in a gym by powerst.

Let’s go!

The Booty Workout makes you sweat

No T-Shirt is dry, and this is how it works:

1. Sumo Squats with barbell

For this Exercise you need a barbell to fit the weight best your level of Training. If you should be still too difficult, you can also use a dumbbell or a Dumbbell (dumbbell).

Your feet shoulder apart width, toes pointing slightly outward – running now, the usual knee-bends.

Repeat this Exercise eight Times and then switch to the Superset – 10 Sumo Jumping Squats without weight. Combine this with the Sumo Squats with a small jump.

2. Hip Thrusts

For this Exercise you need a barbell and a workout bench from select also a for you suitable weight.

For the Exercise you are sitting in front of the bench, shoulders leaning, legs at a 90-degree angle and placed the weight on the pelvis.

Now you have your hip to lift up the torso parallel to the ground, while the Butt hook and keep them short. After that, you can lower the hips slowly again.

Do this Exercise for four sets with eight repetitions.

Also here you can replace the barbell, a Dumbbell, dumbbell, or weight plate, if you practice something like.

3. Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

Reach for this Exercise, a dumbbell that fits your Workout – the weight should challenge you, but not injured.

Place a leg at a slight angle to the rear and shift your weight to the front. The front leg remains stretched.

The dumbbell with a straight, elongated back, now leading down to the front foot.

Remember that the rear leg is only intended to Stabilize the work takes place in the front leg.

This Exercise in three sets and 12 repetitions – other page don’t forget!

4. Cable Kickbacks & Glute Pull

For this Exercise, you will embark on the cable tower in your Studio. In addition, you need for this Exercise foot straps that you can attach to your ankle.

Select an appropriate weight and place the cable on the lowest level.

You can now enjoy on the cable tower to hold or lean. Drag the selected leg straight and stretched to the back and span it on your Butt, so right – the other leg remains straight.

Make on each side, three sets each with 12 reps.

For the “Glute-pull-through”Practice, you need a tricep rope – the setting remains at the very bottom.

Turn now, with your back to the cable tower and perform the triceps rope between your legs to the front – go down easy in the knees, with the torso forward, and pull the triceps-rope in three sets with 12 repetitions while lifting to the front.

So effective the Workout is

The Workout is perfect for fitness enthusiasts in the Studio, love everything and like to Equipment use.

If you find the Exercises should be at the beginning too hard, or you have problems with Balance and balance, you can practice the embodiment, the first light-weight all alone.

You should ask for the Workout, nevertheless, you can, of course, the sets, repetitions or increase the weight.

It is a fact that With this Workout, nothing more defined legs and a tight Butt in the way.

Antonia Hagedorn

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