WATCH: Sonakshi Sinha shows how to make your workout more challenging with TRX

Sonakshi Sinha recently shared a video of herself doing TRX suspension exercises on a pulley. Here are all the reasons why you should take up this challenging workout. Watch the video here.

Sonakshi Sinha rarely fails to motivate her fans to follow her footsteps into her fitness journey. Be it the actor’s weight loss journey or her ever-evolving workout challenges, the Holiday actor is a big inspiration for fitness enthusiasts. Remember the videos of her doing pilates to taking up the #humfittohindiafit challenge?

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Recently, the 31-year-old shared a workout video of herself on her Instagram page. The actor was seen working on TRX suspension training equipment, which makes the exercise more challenging by using gravity and body weight.

Watch the video here.


If you are also thinking to try your hand at it, here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

* TRX suspension exercises hit areas like your core, arms, glutes, back and legs.

* They can be practiced by all levels of athletes, from an Olympic trainer to a newbie.

* It has two adjustable bands that give a good work out to every single muscle of the body and is quite versatile.

* They help improve muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance.

* From weight gain, weight loss to training for a marathon, it has various advantage,

* The instability of TRX suspension keeps the core engaged and the functional movements make sure that a lot of muscles are worked out at the same time.

* Due to its suspended nature, TRX exercise is very low impact and does not put much stress on the joints. This means there is a relatively lower risk of injury and you can train as hard as you want without the fear of getting hurt.

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