‘Undisputed’ Host Skip Bayless Posted a Shirtless Photo to Prove He’s Still Ripped at 69

Skip Bayless still has one pandemic rule that he follows every time he returns home from work: Everything he wore that day goes straight into the washing machine.

On Tuesday—in addition to that factoid—the opinionated host of FS1’s Skip and Shannon: Undisputed shared a shirtless photo presumably taken moments after shedding his office attire that revealed the 69-year-old’s impressively lean torso.

In the caption of the post, Bayless clarified that his surprise, sexagenerian thirst trap was motivated in part by an anonymous viewer who casually wondered if Bayless had let himself go in quarantine.

“On my recent #SkipRidesTheTrollerCoaster, an Undisputed viewer asked if I have “lost a step in the gym during the pandemic?” Uh, no,” Bayless wrote.

Undisputed viewers, never quite known for their shyness, were quick to react with a mix of praise and sarcasm in the comments. “Can’t believe this man is 69 years old,” one wrote. “Skip chill, my gf follows you,” another added.

Bayless’ famously strict workout and diet have been well-documented over the years. In 2018, he told GQ that he eats mostly chicken, broccoli, and rice, along with a single slice of Ray’s pizza as his weekly “cheat” meal.


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To stay lean, Bayless sticks to a cardio-heavy workout routine that includes 8-mile runs on the weekends, as well as lots of time on the bike and the treadmill the rest of the week, in addition to weight training. Finally, Bayless is also remarkably consistent—at least, if you take him at his word: He told the Wall Street Journal in 2015 that he’d only missed two days of cardio since 1998.

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