#Transformation Tuesday: How Lauren, her body weight halved – and found himself

“Kick in with Lauren” is the name of the mother of two in the case of Instagram – and if you read your success story, you come to the conclusion that the nickname fits.

Because Lauren knows how to motivate yourself and others in a sustainable and build.

On the way to a healthier life, you rolled up two years ago, not only your body but also your Mindset completely.

With Low Carb and Gym the Transformation began

Three years ago, Lauren opted for a new life.

After two pregnancies with two C-sections, through which they had to be longer than a natural birth of the Sport take the distance, no longer had to submit so much over the years on weight that you felt in your body as yourself.

The should change. First of all, the mother of two from Kentucky was launched with a Low-Carb diet, and signed up at the gym. But her head was working against them.

She was accustomed to their style of Living already in such a way that the first purchasers of a result set only very slowly.

Last resort stomach OP

In March 2017, it was decided, therefore, for a rabiateren step. Lauren underwent a surgical procedure in which it’s referred to as by means of a VSG (also gastric Sleeve) is a part of the stomach has been removed. So should your appetite for the long term is reduced.

One of such intervention is not only costly and poses health risks. He messes immediately after the Operation, the body and the head, also once belonging.

The latter also had to know Lauren. Because while the Kilos, in the connection started is actually to tumble, stand Lauren’s Psyche in front of the major challenges to handle the unnaturally rapid changes in the body and classify.

Find back to one’s own body

“My body is on the right path, but my mind is still going to come afterwards”, she let her Followers on Instagram know.

The OP-induced body changes helped her to experience your body in a different way and a new reference to the subject of health and Fitness training.

But only with a lot of Body Positivity, and working on your Mindset in terms of a positive self-perception, managed to get Lauren to bring your body with your mind.

Today, the young mother goes to the Gym regularly, lifts Weights and eats using interval fasting as healthy as possible. And motivated people who follow their stories on Instagram, to meet with self-love.

In addition to Before-and-After images to her Instagram Account, therefore, is also more and more often with thoughtful quotes and words of wisdom peppered as “I understood myself only after I had destroyed me. First, in the process, to heal me again, I understood who I really am.”

To read also a note “to yourself: I’ll make you so proud.” A valuable To do, can put behind the Lauren already a satisfied hook.

Larissa Bright Mouth

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