#TRANS-fomation Tuesday: has changed So Crystal your Mindset and 45 kilos removed

In your own body feel better, be leaner, or to the favorite pair of jeans fit – the list of reasons that can motivate you to lose weight is endless.

Also Crystal has such a list. This depends on already for three years in your fridge. At this point, the young woman, that you wanted to change something on your body weight.

From the initial twelve points now 68 reasons are become to Remove. “Some of them, deep self-love, and other simple things, like how much better my knees feel.”

The self-love as an “obstacle”

Up to today, Crystal edited your own list thoroughly, adds things, deletes elsewhere which. “It is a reflection of my entire journey to Self-Care.”

Although Crystal never visually uncomfortable in her body felt motivated to this decreasing process. Not for your appearance but for your health.

However, until you have made the crucial decision, held you one thing from losing weight: your own self-love.

“I loved my body during my maximum weight, and I’m always hot.” What made the young woman but is so hard to change your weight.

The turning point finally came with a visit from the Crystals the mother.

“We went to a shopping Mall without air conditioning, but with lots of stairs”, back she recalls. And her mother, who was in surgery on the heart, was significantly fitter than the young woman.

The suggested Crystal to Think.

With self-love, more health

“I wanted to physically be able to do more. I wanted to go enjoy with my dog in the nature, with my nephew, playing, Hiking, going out with my friends can keep up,” says Crystal in a detailed Post.

“I had the feeling that these things were always more difficult.” At the same time she thought, however, that the Changes would not mean that they loved themselves.

However, these thoughts could finally push aside. Crystal stopped Smoking, she changed her diet and signed up in a gym.

“Everyone has the right to meet without shame, and with love make the right decisions for your own body – this is Body Positivity!”

Happiness is not from the body weight depending on the make

After this change, the young woman has been able to reduce their body weight by 45 kilograms. Their consistently positive attitude to your body, however, remained the same.

“My value has not changed. But my current body makes me the active lifestyle that I always wanted,” says the young woman.

It had always felt nice. However, she was not always able to go a couple of kilometers at a stretch or with your dog or little nephew to keep up.

The most important tip you want to give all the slimming agree with you on the way: “The number on the scale does not determine who you are!”

Cornelia Bertram

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