Tooth decay without sugar: This healthy food damages your teeth

That too much sugar is bad for the teeth, is nothing New. Who would have thought, for example, of spinach?

In fact, even healthy foods can damage the teeth. A dentist explains some of the surprising culprits.

Spinach makes dull teeth

Although spinach is a nutrient-rich vegetables, advises, Jochen Schmidt, dental Director of the Carree Dental in Cologne, Germany, in the magazine ‘Good Health’ (output 9/2019) of abundant consumption.

The spinach contained oxalic acid attacks the tooth enamel, and leaves after the meal, there is often a feeling of blunt teeth.

Similar goes for Smoothies: The high sugar and acid content can make the teeth for the regular consumption of sensitive.

Unexpected discoloration of the teeth

Spices such as saffron and Curry leave, as well as soy sauce or balsamic vinegar is often a color film on the teeth. Schmidt recommends, therefore, to rinse after meals with a glass of water.

Even white wine can promote discoloration: the fact that he anraut the tooth surface, can be deposited pigments from other foods more easily.

In addition, the dental specialist advises to swallow cough syrup, not directly before bedtime. The sweet medicine lowers, namely, the production of saliva and remains on the teeth. It is better the cough syrup earlier and to brush your teeth afterwards.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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