To rest Three effective strategies to combat stress eating:

If the day wants to run again at all according to Plan, and Stress dominated the actions of many people, often to unhealthy Snacks, to calm down.

Especially disturbing emotions such as fear or sadness tend to grab sweets or Fast Food, even if you feel no physical Hunger.

This stress eating can actually help temporarily to be with negative emotions, as the food pleasure and reward in the foreground.

Food against the sorrow

It is not unusual, however, is that after the consumption of excessive amounts of (usually unhealthy) food, the bad Conscience knocks, and you regret the munchies quickly.

And although which do not contribute many additional calories will surely, you will feel in the long term, well, grab some people to sugar – and fat-rich food as a Comforter.

Therefore, it is important to recognize, whether it is chocolate, in rare cases, a sedative to ice and co. attack or if food is constantly used to cope with life.

It is the only coping mechanism, it can be dealing with unhealthy food, namely fast problematic.

If true, that there are, according to the Portal ‘’ some strategies to avoid stress eating.

1. On the day food is distributed

The first, important step to combat stress eating to proceed, appears right it is simple: cravings avoid by eating throughout the day is sufficient.

This measure is simple, but all the more effective. Because the more hungry you feel, the more likely it is to grab blindly at the next best Snack.

And can be quite unhealthy. After all, who is charged both hungry as well as emotionally, in addition to eat mindlessly and often, the actual feeling of satiety.

2. The body with good nutrients

To take regular, balanced meals helps keep the energy throughout the day stable – intuitive eating is so fashionable.

A good mix of complex carbohydrates, protein, fiber and healthy fats is crucial to provide the body ideal and to saturate for a long time.

Depending on your personal need can be daily to three larger or several small meals a set. It is only important that the food has the right nutrients.

Healthy Snacks can also help to come without bouts of stress-eating through the day. To provide himself with these also satisfied, should include the small strengthening fresh food. Perfect Apples or bananas with peanut butter or Almond butter, natural yoghurt with berries and nuts, for example, are.

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3. Methods for coping with stress

The stressful situations that are piling up, it can help to have different strategies in their Repertoire to be able to directly against the Stress procedure.

In the selection of these coping mechanisms, it can help to ask yourself three questions, in order to check whether a method actually helps in the processing of emotions.

  • “Helps me this way to find solutions to the Problem and my emotional situation?”
  • “I am using this method to numb my feelings, or ignore?”
  • “I feel better after I have applied this method?”

Stress eating is supposed to stun in the first place, unpleasant feelings. No matter how much you eat, not like to enjoy, the Problem will solve surely.

In contrast, it can help to take time for yourself and the Situation, and to reflect on the emotions. Affect actions such as stress can be avoided eating this.

Here is a selection option, which can help in a stressful situation:

  • calm, deep Breathing
  • progressive muscle relaxation
  • emotional thoughts to write down sorted
  • the body to move, whether in sports, a walk, Yoga, Dancing…
  • a loved one call and the Situation talk
  • with the favorite movie, book, radio play for peace
  • restful sleep
  • negative emotions also time out on the wines can be very useful

It doesn’t have to always be perfect

Not every coping technique works for everyone. In addition, not every method needs to work from the beginning to 100 percent.

It is important to come up with different approaches and find what works best.

People that tend to stress eat, feel, in retrospect, rather guilty, and will benefit only little from this alleged soul Comforter.

All the more important to deal with negative influences and possible stress valves, and to find a good solution.

Cornelia Bertram

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