To much of a Good thing: 9 dangerous consequences of alcohol for the body

Christmas and new year’s eve without champagne, wine and co.? Someone comes for hardly in question. The depth of view into the glass to remain the exception, this may not be a serious Problem.

A high consumption of alcohol over a longer period of time may, however, go with numerous consequences for your health associated.

These nine effects on your organs can be at risk if you go regularly to alcoholic beverages:

1. Your brain performance

Nerve cells die, brain tissue shrinks. This immediately leads to a reduction in the memory power and concentration ability, in the long term to a loss of intelligence.

2. Your face looks bloated

You drink regularly a lot of alcohol, affects your skin over the years, increasingly doughy and bloated. A bulbous thickening of the nose is hardly reversible.

3. Your cancer risk increases

The risk for cancer, particularly in the mouth and throat, as well as in the esophagus, is rising – and rising again several times, if in addition to the consumption of alcohol nor smoked.

4. You may have heart problems

Hypertension, rhythm disturbances and heart muscle inflammation threatening. Wine for heart protection, no one needs, movement is much better.

5. Your liver is weakened

Every drop of alcohol must be broken down by the liver – this is hard work! Swelling, inflammation, fatty liver, and cirrhosis of the liver threatening.

6. Sex organs are damaged

Pregnant endanger unborn life. Men to reduce their testosterone level, impotence is possible.

7. The peripheral nerve damage

Trembling hands (not Dependent!) and pain end Points (such as in the feet) are the consequences.

8. The pancreas is affected

The pancreas is impaired, which interferes with the digestion of fat. Possible painful inflammation, circulatory and renal failure.

9. The stomach and intestines will be weakened

In particular, gastric mucosa inflammation, but also cancer occurs more frequently.

In addition, the Transport and absorption of nutrients will not be disturbed in the intestine, the body is sufficiently supplied with vital nutrients.

Mathias Heinze

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