These $20 Sneakers Have Over 2,000 Rave Reviews On Amazon

When it comes to buying sneakers, you know it’s going to set you back a little. Like, you might have to skip the next dinner out with the girls.

But before you resign yourself to eating ramen every six months when it’s sneaker-buying time, know this: There are sneakers for sale on Amazon that cost just $20—and people are straight-up losing their sh*t over them.

They’re called Zhuanglin Women’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes and they come in a bunch of different styles and colors. Some have a little strap running up the front, while others have elastic laces.

The sneaks have a rubber sole and a mesh upper, so your feet can breathe while you’re doing your sporty thing.

They also have a special water grip outside that helps you get traction when you’re pounding the pavement in slippery or wet conditions. Plus, they have something called a “ComforDry sockliner” that helps cushion your feet during your workout.

Vans Mid Skool 37 Sneakers in Heavenly Pink

These sneaks have more than 2,000 reviews on Amazon and while people largely recommend them for water sports like kayaking and cruising rocky beaches, they also say they’re great for just about everything.

And, again, they’re $20—that’s hard to pass up.

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