The Workout Habit That Lea Michele Swears By

We’re all guilty of jumping on the bandwagon of whatever workout is trending. Barre? Been there done that. Aerial yoga? Yep, and we’ve got the ‘Grams to prove it. Tough Mudder? That participation medal is hiding somewhere in our house.

But when it comes hitting your health and fitness goals consistency is key, and the only way to stay committed is if you choose the workout that’s right for you. That way you actually get a bit of enjoyment out of your sweat sesh (after some tears and tantrums, of course).

That’s the learning that Lea Michele swears by. The actor and singer recently spoke to US Weekly about the habit that helps keep her motivated to move.

“I look for workouts that have to be also good for my spirit as much as they are for my body,” she told the publication. “I can’t be at a gym with crazy music playing and people looking at themselves in the mirror.”

“What’s super easy for me is hiking because I live near some really great trails. I can literally get in my car, drive for less than a minute and be on the top of a mountain 20 minutes later.”

And the experts agree.

“Find exercises you actually enjoy doing, consistent exercise is necessary for results and staying motivated to do it can be the hardest battle,” says WH Fitfluencer Katie Williams.

Lea also credits exercise for improving her mental health as well as physical.

Anything that you’re feeling, working out is the best thing for you. If you’re down, working out is good. If you’re in a good mood, working out is good!” the 31-year-old explained. “It’s like, it makes me feel good on all levels. Taking care of myself is the number one priority because I have to be in my best physical and mental shape in order to do my job. And working out is my time.”

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