Ten cases on a cruise ship: number of the corona cases continues to rise

The number of verified infections and deaths from the new Coronavirus has risen in China faster than in the days before.

Until Wednesday, the number of patients with new lung disease within one day, climbed 3887 on 24.324, such as the health Commission, said in Beijing. The number of dead rose to 65 to 490.

For eight German passengers on the cruise ship “Diamond Princess”, which is located in front of Yokohama in Japan, at anchor, there was the all-clear. Ten virus have been discovered to act cases under the passport, but the Germans were not including.

A cruise ship due to Corona Virus in quarantine

In the case of the Infected are three passengers from Japan, two from Australia, three from Hong Kong, and a guest from the United States, as well as a member of the crew of the Philippines, as the shipping company “Princess Cruises” reported on Wednesday. They were brought to the hospital. The ship remains under quarantine.

The 2666 passengers, about half of them Japanese, and the 1045 members of the Crew are to remain for a further 14 days on Board, because the studies on the pathogen, such as the Japanese Ministry of health announced.

Trigger an 80-Year-old from Hong Kong, at the on Saturday, the Virus had been discovered was. The man was on the 20. January, in Tokyo’s neighboring city of Yokohama increased, and five days later, in Hong Kong from the Board went.

Corona Virus: number of people Infected continues to rise

Among the passengers and crew members would have shown 120 people, symptoms such as cough and fever, according to the Ministry. A further 153 were therefore in close contact with the 80-year-old infected man from Hong Kong.

They were studied as first. In the past ten confirmed cases of the new Virus, none of the Concerned show serious symptoms, some even have no symptoms at all.

With the discovery of the ten Infected from the ship, the number of cases increased in Japan 33. Outside of mainland China, there are more than two dozen countries now have more than 230 confirmed infections, of which twelve are in Germany.

In Hong Kong, and the Philippines, two patients died.

Anfreindungen against Asians to take

Because of the spread of the Virus, the number of hostility against Chinese citizens in Germany is growing from the perspective of the Chinese Embassy in Berlin.

“The recent hostility cases and the xenophobic Statements in the media have increased after the Coronavirus outbreak and are worrying,” said the Embassy on request. After an attack on a Chinese in Berlin, you have contacted the police immediately.

As the Berlin police told, to offended two women on Friday afternoon in the district of Moabit, a Chinese racist, spat on, torn to the hair bottom as well as kicked and punched.

The 23-Year-old was injured, therefore, on the head and treated on an outpatient basis in a hospital, your glasses broke. The attackers fled inside.

After the case was pointed out to the Chinese citizens on social media and via the website on the current Situation, said the Embassy.

You have given advice in the case of a provocation or Offence, and attention called for in relation to the protection of their own security.

Out of fear of the Virus, the United Kingdom has called on all compatriots in China to leave the country. “We advise British nationals to leave the country, if you can, to minimize your risk of infection,” said foreign Minister Dominic Raab in London.

Federal government discourages travel to China

Germany advised German citizens only, travel to China to refrain, but explicitly warned not to visit the province of Hubei.

The Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), told the German press Agency: “It is however, in the current situation is a matter of course, that someone who does not live in China or to be avoiding to stay there or terminated.”

The Coronavirus can be transmitted according to the findings of German research institutions, of patients with very mild disease symptoms.

The Charité in Berlin, the Munich, clinic Schwabing, and the Institute for Microbiology of the German armed forces announced on Thursday evening in a statement that some of the currently in the clinic Schwabing in Munich-treated patients showed only weak symptoms of viruses in your nose and throat.

Also found that the Virus is propagated, regardless of the lungs in the nose and throat and in the digestive tract.

These observations are strong evidence for the Transferability already in mild or onset of common cold symptoms such as sore throat, a sinus infection or just a slight feeling of illness without a fever.

According to the Doctors it goes to the twelve Patients in Germany. Except for the two Infected that had been flown on Saturday, with other Germans from Wuhan, there are ten patients in Bavaria, in connection with the automotive supplier Webasto.

At Webasto, an infected colleague from China had been a guest. Also, on the Canary island of La Gomera infected German, according to the authorities, alive and well.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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