Strong start to the new year: 4 Exercises for a defined torso

All the good intentions, according to Fitness-Influencerin Whitney Simmons motivated their Community to the beginning of the year with a sweaty upper body workout.

The Exercises shown will not only strengthen the arms but also the back and stabilizes the posture improves.

The American omitted to devices, instead it uses Weights to train arms, shoulders, chest and back.

Maximum stress thanks to super sets

More importantly, who splits his Training for several days, you’ll love this Upper-Body Workout.

Thanks to the super sets, in which during a Exercise without rest in the next is changed, are stressed the muscles to the maximum.

You will need dumbbells, a barbell and a dumbbell disc – so perfect for a crisp Workout in the gym. Let’s go!

These Exercises strengthen your upper body

Whitney Simmons has split up your Upper-Body Workout in four Sets, the “claim that it was all a bit”, as you write under your Video.

1. Superset: single arm Dumbbell Press into Arnold Press

For the first Exercise you grab first, a barbell and set your feet shoulder-width away from each other on the floor.

The barbell you’re holding now on a page next to your head. The upper arm is angled to the body, the elbow is pointing outwards. The other Arm you put to the side.

Now you press the weight over your head upwards, you your Arm to a maximum stretch and again take a step back. Per page, you’re doing eight repetitions.

Without a Pause, you go over to the so-called Arnold Press, which goes back to none other than actor and Bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger. You grab the second dumbbell.

You start by holding both dumbbells at chest height in front of you, palms facing you. Now you stretch both arms to the top over the head.

In the process, you rotate your wrists 180 degrees to the outside. Bring the arms back in front of the chest and repeat the Exercises a total of eight Times.

2. Triset: Overhand and Underhand Rows into Barbell or Dumbbell Bicep Curls

For the second Exercise you need a barbell. To you shoulder width, stretch the pelvis slightly to the rear and bend your torso forward.

Now you umgreifst the dumbbell bar, the palms facing down. Lifting and lowering the weight in the direction of your abdomen checked for eight repetitions. For the next eight versions you includes the rod a little closer together, about shoulder width. The palm of the hand you turn and you go and pull the rod back in the direction of the middle of the body.

From this Exercise, you change fluent in the upright position. Now you’re in the rod, with the power of your biceps from the hips up to your shoulder and back. This Exercise you’re taking ten Times.

3. Bicep Plate Curl into Car Driver

The barbell, you can put to the side for the next Exercise you need instead of a weight plate. The shoulder wide stance you includes the side of the weight plate with both hands, arms bent so you’re holding the glass directly in front of your chest. Now you press the weight up to your waist all the way to the bottom.

From there, you stretch your arms up to your chest. Here, you turn the wheel to the left and to the right, as if you were turning a steering Wheel.

From this Position, you bring the disc back to the hip and then, with arms bent in the starting position at chest height. Do a total of three Sets of ten repetitions.

4. Superset: Floor press into Tricep Extensions

The Workout concludes with a further Superset. This Time you switch to the floor and lie on your back. The legs you stand bent.

The dumbbells you are holding on the side of the body with bent arms. In one fluid motion, you push the weight up and stretching your arms to the maximum. This Exercise are you doing a total of twelve Times before you in a flowing Transition to the triceps exercise star test.

You hold the dumbbells with your arms outstretched over your shoulder. Now you winkelst your arms to your head in a 90 degree angle. Here, too, you do twelve repetitions.

Due to the many super sets of this Workout by Whitney Simmons stressed your muscles to the maximum. Depending on your fitness level you can start with a small weight and you further increased.

Luisa High Brink

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