Stomach problems: holidays without stomach rumbling and bloating!

The roast dinner smells delicious, the Stollen looks wonderful and the cookies you can’t say no. Who does not know this? However, after the festive feast for all to hold the stomach and groan.

Heartburn, bloating and constipation does not have to be. Let the Christmas eating for pure pleasure and avoid the unpleasant side effects of roast Goose & Co.

The feeling of fullness, heartburn, and abdominal pain, among which many are suffering at the holidays, is usually triggered by fatty foods.

The stomach lining produces more acid in the stomach, the liver makes too little bile juice and the holiday stress hits us on the stomach. The and the much larger portions that we take at Christmas, to us, leads to the stomach problems.

Tips to prevent abdominal pain

Time: wrap your food not going down. Eat Wisely and in a nice atmosphere, because Stress has a negative effect on the stomach. You should also omit the reference in the case of fat food. Be satisfied with a normal Serving, and enjoy Sweets and alcohol in moderation.Sit up straight: Who is keeping and just sitting, relieved his stomach, the digestion. Not so be sure to sit crooked at the table.Espresso drink: caffeine stimulates the blood circulation in the gastro-intestinal tract, and the bitterness of the coffee, cranks the digestion.Artichokes eat: bitter substances are also found in the artichoke and stimulate the production of the pancreas and the bile juice. Thus, fatty foods more digestible.

Even more bitter substances: ginger, marjoram, Bay, Chervil and lovage have said bitter substances. Why do you use these spices is not easy to Refine the roast Goose?

And again ginger: ginger is a true miracle cure for the stomach. The root helps with Nausea and stimulates digestion.Get sufficient exercise: A walk after the feast brings the digestion into the swing, the motion of massaging the rectum. Even if the Couch seems to be after dinner so tempting, you should first get some fresh air and walk around a little.

Tips to prevent heartburn

Drink before eating of non-carbonated water. The diluted acid of the stomach. Also, you will need approx. three hours before going to sleep, nothing do not go out to eat, so that the stomach is full.

Sleep on a thick pillow so your head is resting slightly elevated. So the stomach can’t get acid so easily to the top.

Tips to prevent bloating

Heat helps against bloating and abdominal pain: Put a heating pad or a hot water bottle on the abdomen. In the pharmacy there are over-the-counter herbal supplements, such as antacids, excess stomach acid to Nausea, bloating and heartburn help. A pressure point Massage to help against bloating. And press a point that is approximately a hand’s width below the kneecap, on the outer calf, and the digestive activity to stimulate a period of five minutes to RUB.

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