Slimming: 7 signs that the diet does a body good

Health should always be a top priority and not the diet delusion fall victim to. Here are seven, the first signs that the diet does not do the body good.

1. More frequent and prolonged colds

You observe a higher incidence of colds and to keep this more stubborn than usual? This could probably be due to the fact that you have substances as a consequence of a severely reduced calorie and/or nutrient – poor diet, a lack of important nutrients and minerals.

Also a low intake of Protein weakens the immune system, as it is thought of differently than, perhaps, the main building material and energy source of our immune system.

2. Headache

A diet means for both the Body and Mind is always Stress. This may be withdrawal symptoms such as headaches may occur.

Just who has been fed prior to his diet very carbohydrate-emphasized, and now radically to Low Carb in Kombinatiion with Low Fat surrounded by it, could be affected.

Too high a proportion of protein forces the body into gluconeogenesis, that is, the will converted a lot of protein into Glucose.

Usually this condition lasts only a few days. Recommendation: Increase if necessary once your intake of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

This does not help, it is advisable to consult with your doctor.

3. Pale, dry skin & brittle hair and nails

Also your skin and hair require minerals and proteins to Shine and external environmental influences to defy, and to regenerate well.

You reduce your calories during a Crash diet is too strong, a lack of these nutrients and the hair fall out or grow back very thin.

At the latest, then you may want to reconsider your diet as soon as possible.

4. Fatigue and dizziness

Due to the reduced food intake also vitamins are. Often there is a lack of Vitamin D, which makes us tired and listless.

Also, a deficiency of protein and the consequent removal of the muscles, your energy levels in the basement noise.

5. Poor Digestion

Especially in the case of a Low-Carb diet with More fats, it may happen that you do not have enough fiber you take, the significantly to a well-functioning digestion are involved.

6. The smell of the mouth and flu-like symptoms

Particularly at extremely low-carb diets such as the ketogenic diet, it can urge due to increased urinary-to-come loss of electrolyte.

“The body switches the energy source of sugar in the body is stored fat. In this process, the body produces more Ketones, which are excreted by the frequent and increased urination. This leads to the symptoms and brings the electrolyte balance out of balance“, the California Doctor, Dr. Nancy P. Rahnama, compared to "Healthline".

7. Increased Perspiration

In the case of a very protein-emphasized diet in General, more acid image will be included at the end of food, such as meat and poultry, cheese, milk and dairy products.

The resulting Acidification of the acid device-base balance of the body and the metabolic processes are no longer running smoothly.

This may have increased sweat formation.

The choice of your food or try food such as fruits and vegetables consider to counteract the mark. If you notice multiple symptoms in you, you must have a balanced and nutrient-rich diet to replace your current diet.

So you take healthy and durable.