Skull breaker-Challenge: How dangerous is the new Social Media Trend – doctor warns

In German it is called skull fracture-Challenge – for several weeks, and Videos on scuba diving, especially on the social platform TikTok increasingly marked with the Hashtag #skull break challenge.

Two people call an ignorant third party, to jump between them in the height.

During the jump the two outside of the spring to pull the Person away in the legs, so that it comes to a uncontrolled fall – therein lies the greatest risk for sensitive parts of the body is located.

Expert warns of the dangers of skull breaker Challenge

It’s threatening injuries of the head and spine. Dr. Munther Sabarini, Neurochriug and founder of the Avicenna clinic in Berlin, warns in a message, explicitly prior to the current TikTok-Trend.

“In the worst case, the participants to break the back of the Neck, the spine, the pelvis, or tailbone. People remain in play, after the fall unconscious, this usually to a skull-brain Trauma, which can pull at a particularly hard impact even bleeding in the brain or fractures of the skull bone to be“.

In addition, a strong impact can cause severe damage to the spine. Especially the Transitions between the individual Vertebrae are affected, so that fractures, such as fractures can cause the back is pinched mark.

For the person can arise as a result of severe limitations in motor skills, but also sensitivity, since the spinal cord is essential for the agility of the human body.

Life-long paralysis as a result of the skull breaker Challenge

Another Problem is that some damages occur only some time after the actual crash.

“In the case of a whiplash injury of the cervical spine, some symptoms, such as tingling, numbness, or paralysis more side-effects in the extremities, even only after a few days,” the neuro-surgeon.

In the worst case, these lead to late effects in paralysis, which may limit the Affected for the entire life-time and a wheelchair tie.

As Dr. Sabarini rates on the Internet already, many of the Doctors and nurses of the current Social Media Trend, because the consequences for the parties Involved are not predictable and can determine in the worst case, the entire rest of the life.