Six pack abs in 8 minutes: This Workout by Whitney Simmons makes it possible

With your personal training sessions, Fitness Influencerin Whitney Simmons motivated to regularly almost three million Fans on Instagram.

It is also focused on other regions of the body, so your Workout Videos can be combined to a holistic training units.

5 Crunches variations for your six-pack

Most recently, she posted a crisp Workout that many, probably especially during the with a Treats-filled holiday season located.

An eight minute Abs Workout that can only be done with your own body weight everywhere quickly carried out – the cookies, Fry, and co. have no Chance to make the hips be noticeable.

You can the unit, of course after your regular workout as a little Bonus on top of doing a couple of passes as crisp Ab Workout in between by dragging.

In the advent of time to six pack Abs

The Workout consists of five different Exercises that appeal to all the muscle strands in the belly. And this is how it is done:

1. Single Leg Crunch vs. normal Crunches

Lie on your back, one leg bent placed, the other one to hold you just above the ground. The arms are outstretched above the head.

Span your belly and bring your torso to your legs – the outstretched leg, you move at the same time also middle of the body. Return to the starting position.

After you have performed this movement for 30 seconds, for half a Minute, the normal Crunches on the series.

This will be similar to that carried out, just stay positioned during the movement of the upper body with both legs.

Then 30 seconds of Single Leg Crunches again – this Time, however, moves the other leg.

2. Side Oblique Crunch

For this Exercise you need to place yourself sideways on the floor and on an Arm support. The upper leg is straight and the upper Arm is loose on the head positioned. Important: The waist is on the Mat.

The Crunches you perform, you’re in the air floating leg to your middle of the body to touch the top of the elbow.

During the movement your hips down towards the ground, but is not saved, but remains under constant tension.

After you perform these Crunches for half a Minute, the other side for the same duration of the series. Then you can relax for a moment before it continues.

3. Spider to Oblique Crunches

Output position of this Crunch Version of the upright pushup position. Bring them out of this, first your right leg to your right elbow – the centre of the body is tense, active.

The same leg lead, after you’re returned to the start position, diagonal to the left elbow. This sequence of Movement you get for a half a Minute. Then the left leg for the same duration is required.

Tip: Breathe in when merging, which facilitates the Tightening of the stomach muscles. After 30 seconds Pause, it continues with the next Exercise.

4. Reverse Crunch

For this Exercise you need your stable object you can hold. Lie on the back, so that the is placed against the weight behind your head.

Hold on to that, and keep your lower body straight in the air, so you aufliegst only with the upper back.

Lifting your lower body explosive up and lower it slowly and controlled only with the power of your abdominal muscles.

After you get your muscles to treat yourself to this Exercise for 30 seconds pulled, can you half a Minute of recovery.

5. Side to Side Toe Touch Crunches

Lie down on your back with your legs put you to the top. Holding his arms outstretched over your head.

Range of your body and bring your torso alternately to your left and right leg – these remain in the same Position in the air.

After half a Minute, you’ve got the Power Workout done!

Cornelia Bertram

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