Ricardo Simonetti in the Interview: It is important that I stay during the Training I even

A Boy who plays with dolls, learns in the small town of early, how it feels to be a topic of conversation. Today Riccardo lives Simonetti of attention and he enjoys it.

Known for his fashion made him – and Lifestyle-Blog "The Fabulous Life of Ricci", he set recently.

Meanwhile, the 26-Year-old has his own TV Show "Riccardo’s Dream Date" (E! Entertainment), published the book "My right to funkeln" and is committed to heart projects such as a cosmetic seminars for cancer patients, women of DKMS Life.

Even a children’s book he has published, with the children in a playful way tolerance is trying to convey.

His own health is the Entertainer with the outrageous Outfits now on the heart: For a little more than a year, he is working hard on his figure with the Berlin-based Personal Trainer Erik hunter, also known as the capital of Rainer.

FIT FOR FUN met the two to talk about the way in a choppy life.

FIT FOR FUN: Riccardo Simonetti, you are in the Gesundheitsort Bad Reichenhall grew up, were even on a sports high school …

Riccardo Simonetti: … and yet I always succeed in front of it, press and sports to make. I thought: I can’t fit my life. And if I was in a Gym, I stopped at the first drop of sweat with the workout.


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FIT FOR FUN: do you Remember the Moment of your change?

Simonetti: Yes, there was this one Moment: at the Premiere of my own TV-Show in a cinema. On such a canvas it is five feet tall. I’m not a insecure Person, accepted me then, just like now.

But I see myself as a Performer. When I stand in front of the camera, I don’t want to think about my appearance, but my Job.

FIT FOR FUN: So you wanted to your body in shape. How did you and Erik hunter meet?

Simonetti: We have us in Instagram wrote …

Hunter: … and I’ve looked at everything, what Riccardo does so. I thought to myself: This would be actually a very cool Match to support someone who is in the Public domain, but not necessarily for the topic of sports.

FIT FOR FUN: Where you at the time scheduled?

Hunter: The initial situation is in all my clients: I’m doing a Screening, so a strength, agility and Cardio Test. So I know what limitations, injuries or problems.

When Riccardo was soon clear that he is not a sports fan. Its primary goals: more breast, more beautiful abdominal muscles. After a year, I can say that We have made good progress.

FIT FOR FUN: when was the first change in your body noticed?

Simonetti: From "null" on "a bisschen" after three or four training sessions. I had no idea, but I’m disciplined super. Therefore, I have implemented the tips from Erik very quickly and intensively trained.

After two, three weeks I saw real results. And after six to eight weeks, I was approached for the first Time to the fact that my arms are more defined looked and I had lost weight.

FIT FOR FUN: what was your diet prior to a year?

Simonetti: I had no control over my eating habits. If you work as I do every day in a different Set, is it also dependent on whatever is in the Catering. Since I had to make compromises often.

I have only every three days, something eaten, the time in between is bridged with Snacks.

Hunter: could you then, not really as a diet designate. No structure, because of the all the appetizers an extremely slow metabolism, because he was the only Digest and thus a lot of body fat had stored.

I have taught him the absolute Basics.

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FIT FOR FUN: And that would be?

Hunter: Every Morning for Breakfast. Sit down to eat. Take your time. Snacks omit. Meals with long-chain carbohydrates, with meat, fish or vegetarian sources of protein. And with vegetables.

FIT FOR FUN: what was the effect?

Hunter: this Alone felt Riccardo better, had more energy, his body fat has been reduced. After we have customized diet and Training.

Simonetti: My biggest Problem is the muscle build-up, since I tend to be wiry and narrow to be. But I must have lost eight or nine pounds of fat mass and muscle building balanced.

FIT FOR FUN: you have to train for a year, an hour a day.

Simonetti: In General, Yes.

FIT FOR FUN: What are you working on at the Moment?

Hunter: We are in a mass phase, so that Riccardo muscular and sturdy looks.

So he must make his meals bigger: more carbohydrates, including his beloved Pasta, or Burger, in order to have energy for muscle building.

It is important that he makes the five hour break between meals.

FIT FOR FUN: they were from the "Forbes"- Magazine in the "30under30"- List of category "Life" selected: people from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the "with your Do the world verändern". Do you feel as a role model?

Simonetti: Yes, but not in terms of sports or appearance, but rather as a value facilitator.

FIT FOR FUN: can you Explain please in more detail.

Simonetti: I see on Instagram with so many flawless people, which is perfectly styled to the Gym to go and in the next Story, again a big, fat Burger. This is simply unrealistic.

My Followers should see how much time and work does it cost, if you investigate this life style. And I also want to show how terrible I look when sports.

FIT FOR FUN: How do you ensure that the fun does not comes up short?

Hunter: Riccardo is an extremely creative person who is fond of crazy Outfits around the corner comes. So it happens that I wear for a photo, suddenly, a pink plush jacket.

Simonetti: it is important to Me that I was also Training myself to stay. Sport is still my comfort zone. That’s why Britney Spears is running in the Background, when I exercise, my Outfits stay fun.

On world AIDS day, I’ve trained, for example, in a full-body condom.

FIT FOR FUN: On Instagram can you in a tongue-in-cheek Video in a muscle suit yourself dancing and see poses, with the comment "How I feel after doing 1 Push-up". How do you feel after an hour Workout with Erik hunter?

Simonetti: If it is a Cardio unit, I hate my life (laughs). But mostly, I feel really good, because I get a with Erik a Push and a clearer result than Training alone.

The daily Sport has become, for me, but also a very important psychological compensation.


How I feel after doing 1 push up

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FIT FOR FUN: How does that affect your Socia Media your joint Training?

Hunter: The Training itself would not be a great differ, when we’re both not so active in Instagram and co. would be. Social Media is a great tool to people virtually, which means proper Training.

But it just goes for Instagram too often Appearances: Horny watch, Horny six-pack abs butt, Horny.

If I get a message like "Super Content, thanks to you, I have with sports angefangen", then I remember: that’s Why I’m doing this!

And that’s why I invest a lot of time in Social Media. To be physically active, is one of the most important things in our lives. This is also in the higher age healthy and fit.

FIT FOR FUN: What have you as a Personal Trainer this year by Riccardo learned?

Hunter: I learned, yet open to be. Riccardo is an inspiring Person with a story that can’t understand a lot of gay men in Germany: to dare, to be who they really are.

FIT FOR FUN: And what is the most Important thing you Erik hunter taught?

Simonetti: The words: "You will notice that it is worth it." I am often at four o’clock in the morning, I’m up to midnight on the road. As a Training is to incorporate difficult. When others celebrate, or sleep, I go to the Gym.

But I do, because I invest in myself and my health. It’s worth it actually. Each Hour Of Training. It is important that you are working against his body. No one should train, because he hates something. But always out of self-love.

Motivation tips from capital coach Erik hunter

To the clients of the "Hauptstadttrainers" singer Anreas Bourani, and the Model Stefanie Giesinger, among others.

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