Rebound and algae foam: The walking Shoe trend for the season 2020

How well they fit and how comfortable they allow themselves to wear, is likely to be for many the most Important thing when buying new running shoes.

That the Performance does not have to suffer for it, shown by the manufacturer to the sports trade fair Ispo.

“Comfort is the buzzword,” says Urs Weber, from the magazine ‘Runner’s World’. It starts with the first wearing impression already to be as good as possible.

The shoes feel comfortable on the foot and at the same time provide the necessary support, has a lot to do with the progressive development of running shoes: in The midsole material had been made in the past few years, a quantum leap, explains Weber.

Also upper materials functional be significantly than in the past – resilient, better adapted and breathable, whereby the shoes can also be used in everyday life, more comfortable to wear.

Rebound like a trampoline

A keyword is the topic of Rebound, so how much of the Shoe pushes back. You can think of this a bit like a trampoline.

In the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% a carbon plate to, the offer together with a very reactive medium foam, lot of Rebound, put Weber explained. Ultimately, the power to save.

Frequently, there are now a sole which is bent at the toe and heel to the top. This technology is called Rocker. “So the center of the sole has the most contact with the ground. To bring a motion effect to the front,” explains the expert.

The Gel Kayano from Asics has a flat sole with a mid-foot bridge, making the sole stiff is. With a fixed heel clip and a firmer midsole material on the inner side of the foot more stable.

Banana oil, and algae, foam in running shoes

The French sneaker brand Veja promises in their first running Shoe-a model of environmentally sustainable materials and fair working conditions.

Well, you should be able to in the shoes but also, says Veja-founder Sebastién Kopp: “You will not race the next Berlin Marathon with you.”

Who the course of one to two Times a week from ten to 20 kilometres, but I will be satisfied.

In the model named Condor Veja processed rice waste, banana oil, and sugar cane. More than half of the Shoe is made from recycled materials and natural raw materials.

The Swedish manufacturer Icebug produced the midsole of the new model of Outrun RB9X part from algae foam. The approaches are still the exception rather. The majority of running shoes on the market is made exclusively of plastics.

Enda is a manufacturer from Kenya, a country of runners. Regularly the Kenya rooms African athletes in Marathons and Championships in the top spots.

The brand is designed in their shoes, the cushioning in the heel harder, and in the middle softer, so you to the body stronger springs. They are designed for the midfoot runner, explains managing Director Navalayo Osembo-Ombati. This style is better for the knees and hips.

Running style is not correct, but improve

The Shoe must fit the running style and not Vice versa. So the starting point is at the very least, if you follow Urs Weber. “There is no Ideal to aspire to. Everyone is running just as it was in the innate, there is no Right or Wrong,” he says.

It could not be shown according to yet a running style injury-prone, or generally worse than another.

Earlier you have said, for example, that a Overpronation must be corrected as an inward buckling of the foot. The was then often referred to as the Argument for a stable Shoe that supports the inside.

In the meantime, however, the philosophy of modification is outdated. What does not mean that stable shoes have their permission.

However, a run can style, of course, improve. In this example, the Under Armour Hovr Infinite wants to help. He has installed a Chip in the sole. This not only sends workout data like duration and length of the route on an App, but also, for example the step length.

“Just beginners are more likely to make longer steps. However, from a biomechanical point of view, a higher frequency with shorter steps is better,” says Weber. In this respect, so an App could be a corrective.

A similar goal is the insole Digitsole tracks. It is solely designed on analysis and not on Support and Fußkorrektur. She recognizes, for example, contact zone of the feet and noticed Changes in the running style to suggest fatigue.

Who would not want to take his Smartphone with the Jogging, you can upload the data later. The sole from the stores you then.

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