Patrick Schwarzenegger Just Shared a Shirtless Back Day Workout Video

It seems as though Christmas has come early for lovers of celebrity thirst traps. Previously, we had Tyler Perry taking to Instagram, where the actor and star of Madea’s Family Reunion posted a photo of himself in workout gear with a caption that began, “This is what a mid-life crisis looks like.”

The Madea Gets a Job writer-director, who is, according to Forbes, a recently-minted billionaire, lamented that, “I’m 51, single and wondering what the next chapter in my life will look like.”

Perry won points for his emotional honesty—and plenty of interested replies in the comments, of which there are now more than 35,000.

Patrick Schwarzenegger probably didn’t think of himself as responding to (or, heaven forfend, competing with) Perry when he decided to post part of his recent back workout on Instagram. The 27-year-old actor and son of Arnold Schwarzenegger went for brevity instead of emotional rawness, with the simple caption of “Horns hold [ram emoji]” And, he informed readers: “Good for stability & blood flow to the upper back.” (If you’re just getting started, use these tips and tricks to master your own pullups.)

The brief video clip features Schwarzenegger in a white hat and surgical mask, hanging from a machine, shirtless, while off-screen his trainer counts down the seconds. After Schwarzenegger drops, he turns around to show off his well-shaped chest—and, perhaps more importantly, his compliance with COVID-19 safety protocols thanks to his surgical face mask.

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No word on whether or not Schwarzenegger recovered with one of his dad’s favorite protein shakes.

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