Pamela reveals Ripe: These three mistakes women make in the gym

Anyone who is interested in Sport and healthy nutrition, not on Instagram to your by: Pamela Mature. The 22-Year-old is one of the most successful German fitness models, and has more than four million Followers. She regularly posts pictures and Videos from the gym, on Youtube she has a own channel with Workout Videos. In an interview with the star speaks Mature about frequent workout mistakes and fitness myths.

At the beginning of the year, many people want to lose weight. The number of gym applications is rocketing. What mistakes women make, in your opinion, when Training?

Many women struggle for an hour on the Stepper and think they have done enough for your body. But this is totally ineffective. A Workout need a workout right! You have to give everything and not only in the comfort zone. That’s why I’m a big proponent of strength training.

Many women prefer to sport courses instead of training with heavy weights.

I always say: Everyone should find a sport, for he can motivate them continuously. Because only with perseverance you can see after some time achievements. I feel in the gym, full of people who work out a lot of dumbbells with free Weights and length. You can also do strength training without looking like a man should look like. This doesn’t happen over night.

Maybe you are training wrong.

Many do not dare to ask the Trainer on how to Exercise properly. Then you could get pain or it’s just nothing – and the women give up to be disappointed again.

What is the error you observe often?

It is not a real error, I admit, rather a tip: If you start to work out in the gym, you should bring a friend. It is simply more difficult, as a beginner alone get started. I have even started back then with a friend. The experience shows me that it’s also tried more new Exercises, if someone. Then it feels not so embarrassing.

How often do you exercise?

Four times per week, one hour each.

Not everyone has time for an hour workout at a stretch.

Anyone who has only ten to fifteen minutes, I recommend my Youtube Workouts. The are so hardcore, I find myself still strenuous. The Trick is that the Exercises are made directly one after the other without Pause, and without a body to allow voltage out. Thus, they are very effective.


Do you swear to Planking, Squats, and Weights. There are Fitness Trends that you think are overrated?

If in Teleshopping products are sold, and can be applied to the abdomen, and then shake, so that you get supposedly on the Sofa with a six pack, this is total nonsense.

So you’re not a Fan of the sweat belt.

I have seen this in the case of some bodybuilders in the gym and in Fitness instagrammers! I myself have not tried this yet, but it seems to bring something. I criticize rather the supposed fitness equipment for the Lazy, you have to actively do anything. To remove a work, but they do not help.

Your advice for beginners?

In sports, it should have a chance of getting in on the fun. In addition, you do not need to invest a lot in the beginning in Equipment. Many of the Exercises you can do with your own body. The money you can save.

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