Risk for heart and circulation: So You can find out if You have too much body fat

Hidden fat in the abdomen is considered to be a risk factor for heart attack, stroke, and Diabetes. Carefully measure the bacon fat pads the internal organs. A lot of of treacherous of abdominal circumference is. So physicians resort to the tape measure.

  • Body fat is considered a health risk. Debt its metabolic activity.
  • The thicker the belly, the more fat accumulates around the internal organs.
  • The Bio-impedance analysis can give an indication of risky abdominal fat.

Long we thought: Heavy and thick is not unhealthy. Today, we know that the proportion and distribution of body fat are crucial. Particularly critical is the fat stored in the abdominal cavity surrounding the organs. A high proportion of so-called visceral fat (organ fat) increases the risk for hypertension, cardiovascular disease and type 2 Diabetes.

The body fat is so dangerous is because it is very metabolically active. Unlike the passive subcutaneous fat produces visceral fat, the 200 messengers that affect certain hormones, and so the risk for the diseases referred to increase. As with the body fat, the abdominal circumference grows, the waist is the most important risk indicator.

Measurement device number 1 for body fat, therefore, is the tapeon the navel height, the belly volume. Men are at risk from an abdominal circumference of 94 cm, women 80 cm. Strong is the risk for heart attack and stroke, a waist circumference of 88 cm (women) or 102 cm (men) is increased.

The Numbers are a guideline. Someone of below-average small or large, it is the take into account, of course.

The technical measurement provides the Bio-impedance analysis: electrodes, this method draws the body resistance and calculated as the percentage of solid mass (bones, muscles, etc.), water and fat.

The principle advantage of easy body-fat-scales that are many people in the bathroom, as well as complex medical equipment, such as used, for example, the diagnostic center Fleetinsel in Hamburg. “Our devices not only measure a foot contact, but on all four limbs. And bring you more accurate, more detailed results,“ says nutritional medicine Andreas Pauly. Best offer on BestCheck.de

Body fat is hiding behind the body fat

However, the high-tech devices just the entire body to measure fat accurately are not able to fat, the percentage of Organ. The measurement only provides information on whether the health risk is due to visceral fat low, slightly or strongly increased. “The waist circumference is in fact fat, the most important indicator for the share of visceral,” says Dr. Pauly. “A man with a flat stomach normally has no risky high proportion of fat around his internal organs.”

Who necessarily wants to know how many inches of fat in the abdominal area have been accumulated in the expensive magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). An ultrasound examination can not make the body fat visible. However, the imaging from a medical point of view in any case is superfluous.


Also organs can fat storage, such as the so-called fatty liver. But that has nothing to do with body fat to do. The detoxification body fat mainly due to high consumption of alcohol, calorie and carbohydrate – rich diet, or Diabetes. This fat, the ultrasound can make deposits as lighter structures.

Clearly shows the ultrasound also deposits in the vessel walls, as an atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries. You can build up from the blood fats cholesterol and triglycerides, shall not apply, however, fat as Body.

To the risky belly fat there is also good news: as easy As it accumulates so quickly is a diet los. Because the body breaks first this fat, if he taps into reserves of energy. Incidentally, this is one of the reasons that men lose weight easier than women. While female characters tend to be stubborn hip and thigh bacon, to store fat pad in males is preferred to the middle of the body.