Overweight: bullying promotes body fat in children

Often the cornerstone for Diabetes or weight-related cardiovascular is placed diseases at a young age.

Who drags as a child, too many extra pounds around with them, without, however, is addressed, runs the risk of being even in adulthood overweight.

Many parents do not take seriously the extra pounds, speak of the ‘Baby fat’.

Ridicule does not lead to more Motivation

Just under Kids that it can often gruff, when it comes to commenting on the appearance of others.

What has so far been largely unknown: scorn and ridicule over weight, is very suitable to motivate overweight children to lose weight.

In the context of a long-term study by the University of Yale has interviewed, therefore, 110 obese children with an average age of 12 years, to her experiences with bullying. At the same time your weight and body fat were recorded portion.

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Consequences of workplace bullying with late

The Kids were able to confirm that they were often subjected to teasing, with the aim of your weight. The first survey, however, only the Foundation stone, because over the next eight and a half years, the young subjects were examined on a regular basis.

The frightening result: The children, the information to be most frequently attacked, had to submit to a third more weight than those who had less to suffer from ridicule.

But that was not all: For those who were exposed to heavy bullying, the amount of body fat is particularly high – it rose to 91 per cent more fat than their peers.

A scientific explanation for the connection, the researchers have not lit yet, but the project makes it clear that emotional Stress is reflected in additional Kilos down.

Ultimately, the help of parents is to support their children actively and positively in the fight against the pounds: Here you will finally set the course for later life.


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