Off to bed!: Sleep is the best home remedy for colds?

Sleep is important for health, the immune system is in need of this resting phase the body’s own T-cells to go on the hunt for the infected cells and spaces in the body.

So that means that immediate bed rest is called for as soon as, you will feel next to the track, running nose and sore throat?

Panacea bed rest is no longer true in the case of colds

In fact, bed rest should heal in the past, everything from heart disease, from back pain to colds. In the meantime, you know, however, that this total inactivity can even damage.

In the case of the common cold, you should look at exactly how much it has caught. The symptoms are on one or two regions-limited, must not be equal to the bed: Who pain a little neck or ear pain, often to cough or constantly to the handkerchief, uses, benefits, and often from a walk in the fresh air.

It stimulates the circulatory and the respiratory pathways free.

A little quiet, you should leave it otherwise already tackling a long run or a hard Cardio Workout are an emerging cold is usually not a good idea.

With home remedies, you can support his immune system in addition to refer to a lighter cold in their place.

If the runny nose is worse

If you feel really sick, the limbs and head are in pain, while the nose runs and the coughing torments, then the body requires, obviously, after a time-out.

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Sweating or chills, fever and an increased heart rate are also signs that the entire body is affected. Who lying now, gives him the Chance to heal and regenerate.

An infection breaks out then you may not even or has a milder course.

Who is in a serious infection, however, full Power and more work, Sport and leisure draws program, risked it, to delay his disease.

A possible consequence may be inflammation of the heart muscle. Therefore, it is important to listen to your body and recognize when you need fresh air or just a couple of days in bed should stay.

Sufficient sleep helps prevent colds

Who pays the way out, to always get enough sleep, helping the immune system to prevent colds.

Who sleeps less than seven hours, has identified a three times higher risk of catching a cold, such as a study by the University of Pittsburgh. And to not become sick, it is finally the best of the best.


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