Mirror Founder Brynn Putnam Says She Used To Hate Looking In The Mirror

1. Take Time To Reflect

When the former ballerina and Refine Method creator added mirrors to her studio, clients noticed the difference in their performance. It inspired Brynn to create Mirror ($1,495), a dual-purpose screen that streams boutique fitness classes into your home.

2. See The Real You
“As a dancer, I spent many years looking at myself in the mirror, always criticizing what I saw and trying to be better. Now, when I look at my reflection, I focus on the things I’m most proud of.”

“The challenge with failure is it tempers bravery—it makes you step back and sit on your heels. If you’re doubting yourself, just take the jump, because everything on the other side is worth it.”

3. Get Comfy Talking About $$

“Financial literacy is a core component of my self-care routine. That means feeling more assured and confident managing my money, which has been so important to me.”

4. Be Intentional About Your Dreams
“I really believe in planning. I sit down every few months and think about my goals and each step needed to achieve them. And when you hack away the stuff that’s inessential, you can focus on the things that matter.”

This article originally appeared in the April 2020 issue of Women’s Health.

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