Melanie Griffith Just Shared Her Intense Workout In A New Instagram Video

  • Melanie Griffith, 63, just shared a new workout video to Instagram, and it’s intense.
  • In the video, she works out her abs, glutes, and arms with multiple moves.
  • She’s been exercising with celebrating trainer Gunnar Peterson for over seven years.

Actress Melanie Griffith isn’t just a working girl—she’s a workout girl. And she’s got the in-tense exercise routine to prove it. The 63-year-old just shared a new Instagram video of one of her sweat seshes with celebrity personal trainer, Gunnar Peterson, and whew! I’m tired just watching her.

In the video, The High Note star shows off multiple moves from her workout. Wearing cult-favorite black Alo Yoga moto leggings and a black t-shirt he does forward-sliding pushups on her knees using rolling handlebars, weighted squats, ab work with a resistance machine, and chest presses.

“Okay is that good?! Am I done?” Melanie says as she laughs while completing reps.

She went on to share more about her current workout routine in the caption of her video: “I work out with @gunnarfitness 3 times a week, sometimes more if he hasn’t kicked my ass too hard. I’m determined to stay fit at 63. Also Gunnar’s one of the funniest, kindest, most interesting people I’ve ever met. We laugh, he pushes me hard. Happy grateful woman I am! 😘😘😘😘.”

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Melanie’s fans and followers were super into her fun-filled fitspo. “You look amazing! 🔥” one person wrote, while another commented, “You go girl.”

As Melanie mentioned, she works with trainer Gunnar Peterson, who also posted the video on his Instagram. “Thank you @melaniegriffith, it is a pleasure, an honor, and a helluva a lot of fun! I love how you work! @thespyder360 @kabukistrength @fitfighter @sorinex,” he captioned the video.

Melanie has posted some of her previous workouts with Gunnar, like this one from 2019 where she did leg lifts, weighted alternating lunges with rotation, cable pulldowns, barbell bicep curls, and cardio on the elliptical.

“Ok. I have been working out with Gunnar, ❤️, @gunnarfitness for 7 years. I ADORE THIS MAN!! He helps me keep my 50+11 year old body tight and strong. He is also kind of my therapist…. @kaileygdavis 🙏🏻 and Brad💋💃🏼💋💋💋,” she captioned the video.

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And that’s how a working girl works it.

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