Kristen Bell Shows Off Her Abs While Using Roller Skates As Weights In New Workout Video

  • Kristen Bell, 40, came up with a creative makeshift weight hack: roller skates.
  • She shared her DIY weights in a workout video that also showed off her toned abs.
  • The Good Place actress loves combining cardio and strength training to stay fit.

People have gotten pretty creative with makeshift weights since the COVID-19 pandemic began and gyms closed. Some have filled water bottles and milk jugs, while others have used heavy books to get their strength training in at home. Well, Kristen Bell is here with a new DIY weight hack to try out: roller skates.

In a new series of Instagram Stories, The Good Place alum, 40, can be seen lifting several roller skates at once in a bedroom while doing a circuit-style workout in a cut-off shirt and sweatpants. “If you can’t find your weights, feel free to use a pile of roller skates,” she wrote. The whole thing is hilarious and super creative, but it’s hard to miss the fact that Kristen is rocking a legit six-pack above those sweatpants.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Frozen star doesn’t ~just~ work out with skates. Pre-pandemic, Kristen told Women’s Health that she loves the workouts at California’s Studio Metamorphosis. The studio, which incorporates cardio, circuit training, Pilates, and CrossFit elements into challenging classes, has been her go-to three times a week, she said. “I’m not in love with working out, and I’ve never really found a class that I love like this. Something about this class gets me,” she said.

The Veronica Mars actress also said she does private classes to work around her busy schedule. “I realized that it’s the perfect amount of weight training and stretching for me, and I just feel so good,” she explained. “It’s also compact into 45 minutes.”

Kristen said she had given up on having tight abs after having two kids, but the classes helped her to get them back. “I’m still roughly the same size but now it’s just all muscle. …I feel so much stronger, and it’s a physical feeling, but it’s also a mental feeling. It’s about the muscle value in my body,” she said.

Oh, you thought that was all she does? Nuh-unh. The Central Park voice actress also loves indoor cycling, telling Women’s Health (again, pre-pandemic) that she gets a lot out of spin classes. “They feel like a nightmare while they’re happening, but like a dream the whole rest of the day,” she said. “It’s a unique trade-off to be in a room full of 50 other people who are suffering and leaking from every spot on their body. But the endorphin rush that you get and the self-confidence that you feel from having pushed that hard is really extraordinary.”

Even though she loves what she gets out of working out, Kristen admitted to Women’s Health that she sometimes has to bribe herself to do more. “Like I will say, ‘Today all you have to do is jog for seven minutes.’ ‘Today all you have to do is jog for 10 minutes.’ And I rarely go past 15 or 20, if ever. I’m not a long-distance jogger,” she says. “But if I make a tiny commitment, I know I can accomplish seven minutes.”

Maybe she’ll add seven minutes of roller skating (ya know, on her feet) to her workout routine next?

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