Jennifer Garner Just Made Double-Unders Look Way Too Easy In A New Instagram Video

  • Jennifer Garner showed off her jump rope skills in a new workout video on Instagram.
  • The actress demonstrates a series of double-unders, a super intense move popular in CrossFit.
  • Jennifer looks super strong and makes the jump rope routine look easy.

Jennifer Garner just proved jumping rope is not just for CrossFit fanatics or double-dutch-loving fifth graders. The 47-year-old actress showed off her fancy rope skills in a new Instagram workout video.

In the vid, Jennifer, wearing a sleek head-to-toe black ‘fit, starts with some standard jumps. Then, she takes it to the next level and completes double-unders. She makes the intense move, turning the rope twice beneath her feet for every single jump, look like a total breeze. The rope is moving in hyper speed, but I’m pretty sure I counted 10 straight double-unders. (I, a former competitive jump roper, am super impressed.)

It takes strength and coordination to knock out this explosive exercise. “While classic jumping rope and double-unders are very similar in appearance, when done correctly, the tempo, timing, required coordination, and benefits are actually quite different,” David Newman, certified L-1 CrossFit trainer and founder of CEO of Rx Smart Gear, the go-to rope brand of many CrossFit Games athletes, previously told Women’s Health.

Form is key to successful double-unders. “Make sure you keep your head in a neutral position with your eyes forward or down at a 45 degree angle as you jump,” says Newman. This keeps your head in-line with your spine and prevents the position of your noggin’ from throwing off your balance. At the same time, keep your elbows bent and core engaged. The move is actually so complex, newbies should start by practicing their jump technique sans rope before moving to the real deal.

Jennifer is no stranger to hardcore training. She has worked with Simone De La Rue, trainer and founder of Body by Simone, for years. De La Rue took Jennifer’s training to a whole new level while preparing her for the badass role in Peppermint. ICYMI, she looked like an action figure, and still does several years later.

De La Rue had Jennifer work out six days a week for one to two hours each session.Phew, I’m ready for a nap and so is Jen. She said so herself in the Instagram caption: “And then, she napped. 👵🏼🥊”

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