In movement, The most effective sports that your brain keeps you stay fit:

On the left, Tap, change, step: step to follow while Dancing to remember, is often not so easy. It is worth the effort but, says Prof. Ingo Froböse, head of the Institute for movement therapy at the German sport University in Cologne.

It doesn’t have to be constantly the large run-of-round, or hard HIIT Training to sort his thoughts, or completely off.

Dancing has a very pleasant way to have a positive effect on the brain.

Dancing trains the brain

The mental challenge is trained in Dance not only the body but also the brain.

The Ruhr-University of Bochum is conducting research since 2008, successfully to the extent to which Dance on the brain affects. Scientists, according to a half years of dance class might help, for example, to improve attention, memory, and mental flexibility.

The memory performance increases, at the same time, the risk of dementia is reduced by regular Dancing.

Among other things, this waltz, Salsa and co. are an ideal senior sport. Add to this that the balance is trained in mind – perfect to dangerous Falls prevent.

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“Dancing makes you happy”

Also, Dancing makes you happy, explains Froböse. Firstly, because of the social aspects of the dance course participants, in the truest sense of the word, quickly with like-minded people in contact and get to know new people.

Secondly, the body releases the so-called happiness hormones, dopamine and Endorphin.

A prerequisite is of course that the music you like.

Well, when is soon again on the dance floor?


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