Hello Six-Pack!: 3 easy ways for an efficient abdominal workout

Who wants to have beautiful, defined abdominal muscles in his Training to stomach exercises hardly.

In this case, the targeted Training of the muscle strands in the torso can contribute only a part to the physical Aesthetics. Pain in different body regions can be selectively combated, and the attitude improved.

Abdominal muscles provide stability

The importance of a trained body is a center for the General health, should not be underestimated. Finally, she plays both in the Gym as well as everyday movements a decisive role.

The also the certified fitness coach Noam Tamir confirmed. “Every movement that you perform, regardless of whether it is to Go, Stand up, Lie down, or lifting Weights is also the centre of the body work,” he explains to the Portal of the ‘SELF’.

To train “the body at this point, also has an influence on the quality of life significantly.”

In all of the Cockiness, the stählernde abdominal muscles habituate, it can happen quickly, that unnoticed errors in the fitness routine and sneak in. The following three tips can prevent that.

1. Not to exercise every day

The muscle strands in the belly to work in the same way as other muscles of the body also. And although no one would get the idea each day to train legs, tend to be a lot of people to do this in the belly.

“A lot of people tend to train the abdominal to often,” said Tamir. “You try, every day Exercises for the middle of the body and, therefore, sooner or later, problems with the lower back.”

Like any other part of the body also abdominal muscles need time to recover from a workout – just so you can be stronger and bigger.

In addition, the abdominal muscles will not be trained only through targeted Exercises. Other movements within the strength training such as Squats, Deadlifts or Good Mornings – ask the muscle strands significantly.

A couple of specific Exercises should only serve as a Supplement and not the Training to determine.

2. Varied exercise aside from Crunches

Anyone who thinks to the abdominal muscle training, the come well first, Crunches and Sit-Ups in mind. There are so many other effective Exercises.

“Crunches are an Exercise to flexion of the spine,” explains Tamir. “This means that one bows to the front and back stretches.”

With this sequence of Movement to train the muscles that extend along the front of the abdomen, but other areas – such as the lateral abdominal muscles are neglected.

“It is not a very functional way to strengthen the centre of the body”, is a fitness coach Tony Gentil core concerns. “We bend us, not only in front and back. There are many other movements we perform in everyday life.”

When you train again and again according to the same pattern, make yourself more susceptible to injury due to the over-use of certain parts of the body and joints, promotes even problems.

Better is to strengthen all muscle groups with a whole range of changing Exercises, variations of the Plank should be taken up make sure that in the training plan.

3. Deep Breathing for better results

The physical tension during a workout can sometimes lead to that you forget about the breathing. They can be very important for the training success.

“A full Exhalation is important to the abdominal muscles triggers a little bit more,” says Gentil core.

“This targeted breathing is a very underestimated component of the abdominal muscle training and need a lot of Exercise, until it is perfected.“

With a simple Test, you can check for yourself whether the Exhale is deep enough:

  • Lie on a Mat and position your hands kidney directly under your chest.
  • Take a deep breath and tip of the lips.
  • Breathe for five to ten seconds vigorously until the breath at the end.
  • You should be able to feel your abdominal muscles pulling the hands together.

This Exercise can help to prevent the pelvis is tilted while running to far to the front.

Tip: During a training Exercise should always be exhaled, if the movement is executed, which requires the greatest effort.

Cornelia Bertram

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