Good intentions: So you can make it to 2020 happier

Happy new year! 2019 is over, 2020 is in the starting blocks – the ideal time for a fresh start.

However, instead of the old resolutions from last year to carry easily with you around, you should not banish these things from your life, to be in the new year only happier, but also healthier.

1. Stop trying to make yourself ready

Before you can even think of a new beginning, you must not start to work against yourself. Stop trying to make yourself ready and accept your weaknesses as part of who you are.

To feel each and every day because of the same things poorly, paralyzes you, and pulls down on you. Better concentrate on your Strengths and accept your weaknesses.

On this basis, you can build then.

2. Run Causes Research

Take your time and try to find out what has led to the fact that you haven’t achieved in the last year of your objectives. Is a bit Unexpected in-between, or you haven’t tried it even right? Ask yourself why.

If you can’t answer this question, you should think again very carefully about your Motivation.

You really want, what have you done since?

3. Stop it, to demand things from you that you don’t like

You want to run a Marathon, because somehow all that put an ambitious goal? After, you have to think about it again, if you do want to you really.

Why don’t you take the things you like? Your good intent is in fact to the enemy, and the enemies you fight.

It is clear that your power of subconscious to you as a spoke in it?

4. Free yourself from people who make you sad

You’re not happy in your relationship or unhappy in love? You have two options: Either you change something about your Situation, by you are fighting for the Person at your side or in your heart or you change what the Situation by freeing you from these people.

The only thing is that there is no permanent condition can be more, to be unhappy. So get your courage together and take to in your private life.

5. Do it for yourself

Think about exactly for whom you have these goals. You want to make a career, because you want to or because others demand it of you?

You want Smoking lose weight and stop because you want to live a healthier life or do you want others to find you beautiful and attractive?

It is important that your projects are really born from your own desire, otherwise you will not, at the latest, when you receive the hoped-for Feedback, buckling and give up.

6. Easy to make

Enough pondering, because there is nothing Good unless one does it!

Forget all the obstacles and failed Attempts behind you – it’s a new era. Imagine the best Version of yourself in front of.

This does not have to conform to what others consider to be the perfect Version, but the image you have of yourself.

Brave, courageous, honest, stronger? You can do this – next year is your year! Well, the excitement rises already?

Mareike Kalbitz

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