For tight legs: What really helps against Cellulite?

FIT FOR FUN: We all know how the “orange peel” looks. But as it comes to Cellulite?

Dr. Mariam Omar:Cellulite is a non-inflammatory changes in the subcutaneous adipose tissue (subcutaneous fat tissue), especially on the thighs and in the buttocks area.

It arises, for example, in the case of Obesity, and weak connective tissue, often at a young age.

More than 80 percent of all women are affected. Why is this so?

The female fat tissue is shaped from the grid, perpendicular to the skin surface over the course of collagen-crossed fibers. In the gaps there is a place for excess cells. In the case of hormonal changes such as during Menstruation

occur, it comes to fluid retention in the tissues – the lymph is congested, and the inward pulling of collagen fibers are increasingly visible.

The enlarged fat cells to form on the surface. This is shown in the Form of dings and dents on the surface of the skin.

Is exacerbated by high coffee and alcohol consumption – and especially Smoking.

Why are men rather then be spared?

Your connective tissue is stronger. It grid is also shaped, but horizontal to the skin surface.

In addition, the fat deposits in men are smaller overall, in the skin is anchored and fixed networked with each other.

There is an effective Provision?

Weight loss and the body fat percentage can help reduce, under certain circumstances. Not all surgical procedures are cost-intensive, and their effect lasts very short.

About nutrition and sports better and long-term effect can thus be achieved.

Exactly. Be low in salt to feed contributes to a Detox effect in the tissue. Perfect fresh vegetables, and meat or fish.

The body needs enough protein, the basic building block for the production of collagen. Through Sport, the metabolism will be stimulated. Lymph and tissue fluid will be mobilized by muscular contraction, and removed.

Endurance or strength sports, what more?

The combination of different sports is ideal to the fat reserves as well as problem areas to approach: for example, Jogging, and swimming exercise combined with strength training.

What you can’t do that if all this helps?

The most common invasive method is the laser lipolysis. The Laser is introduced to tissue layer in the subcutaneous Fat, energy fat cells to melt, and stimulates connective tissue cells to form collagen.

Less adipose tissue, and increased connective tissue, promote a smoother surface structure. The treatment is working, but optimally only if the nicotine and alcohol-in connection is omitted.

Andreas Coenen

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