Fit at any age: In this Training, you should set

No matter how old they are want to fit and we should all be. Not just because regular exercise makes for a well-trained body, but also because it is for our health is essential. However, Sport is not the same Sport. Depending on your age, you should also make your Work-out accordingly – with 30, you is now training in a different way, with 50. How you can be fit at any age, the know our Crossfit and Weightlifting Coach, Christof Zellweger and also, on what kind of Training you then the best place. (The best Work-out for your home, you can find here)

Fit at any age with varying degrees of Training?

The first step in proper Training is very individual and is not necessarily the date on the birth certificate. Coach Christof Zellweger explained that it is important first of all to the individual Fitness of the athlete: “A 50-Year-old has always been a Sport, one can train different than someone who is 30 and never really moved.”

Generally speaking, the Coach of all sports candidate is recommended to put on full-body units, and to not focus exclusively on isolated muscles. Even if someone loves a specific sport that is suitable for functional Training as a Supplement. Just so all of the body to be trained matches, and it’s not coming to the shortening of individual muscle groups. For athletes of all ages is: “The recovery time between workouts is just as important as the Training.” (For more on effective Regeneration you can read here) to Be a very personal tip: always Build back flexibility exercises in your Training! To prevent injuries of any kind at the best.

Train with 20

“Especially young athletes, tend to overdo the Training,” says Christof Zellweger. He recommends young athletes to learn about limitations and not to overextend yourself in the Training. Instead of extremely active (according to the Motto: “if I’m training for time, then do it right”), you should rather work with constancy, because it is the only regular Training leads to the desired results.

The great advantage in this age: “A 20-Year-old has shorter recovery periods, the body regenerates faster and can do more,” says the Coach. This means that the Training can, in principle, be a more intensive and more units in shorter intervals are possible. The favorites of the experts? A combination of Burpees, Russian Twists, Lunges and Planks to provide for the warm-up. Then it can go with intense force, or Crossfit Training. (For more Inspiration: The Power Work-out with Janis Danner in the Video)

Train with 30

The regeneration time is a bit longer and the mobility decreases. For more flexibility it’s worth it at this age, regular Yoga to integrate Exercises into the Training. (The best Yoga Exercises for men can be found here), in Addition regular endurance training should be on your Work-out Plan. But: Please don’t excessively exercise. The ideal pulse rate is between 120 and 150. (For an ideal control during exercise: Here are the best Fitness trackers).

In addition, the muscles of the body from 30 starts. The age slowly reducing. Therefore, you should place at least twice a week to focus on muscle building. To see successes, it is important that load slowly (!) to increase the extra weight gradually increase and the units intensify. Here also the cross training, for example. Multiple joint and muscle groups are trained simultaneously. The force is generated from the center of the body, the arms and the legs – the entire body benefits.

Train with 40

A greater focus must now be on the warm-up training placed. Ideal for the entire body, a rowing machine, for example. (So you can find the perfect rowing machine for the home) By the uniform movements of the body is prepared for the subsequent workout and burns in addition to tons of calories. This is because, with age, the calorie requirement decreases by itself. The result: We are faster, even if we don’t eat more than before. (Read: get Out of the fat trap)

Thereafter, a Mix of strength and flexibility exercises should be the focus of your Work-outs. Here are weight training and Training with a weight sled to provide for the power Part, for example, a classic Long. In order to keep the body flexible, it is best on Exercises with Terra bands, and Yoga. (Why Minfulness is so important for the Work-out)

Train with 50

Please do not go in for the Full! Yes, warming up is important at any age, but especially for the older athlete, a comprehensive warm-up is the A and O, so that the body is optimally prepared for the effort. (Read here all about the perfect Warm-up) “It is essential to know the own limits and to understand that an older body according to the Training needs more time for Regeneration,” says Christof Zellweger.

The expert tip: the Extra weight is good for bone density. Therefore, a Work-out with a kettel bell or barbell, is especially useful for Older. The Cardio Training should not be neglected, however. Jog, Swim or Bicycle ride at least twice a week on the program. Especially the Swimming protects the joints and is thus the optimal training of the whole body in this age.

Injuries: spot Training is usually possible

On the subject of violations of the Training depends heavily on the individual. Generally speaking, Zellweger is Christof: “Even if you have been injured, come as soon as possible in motion.” It was in the case of most injuries is quite feasible to train around it. In the case of many injuries, the Exercises can be adapted so that the injury is not an obstacle. In the case of chronic limitations is individually arranged, by which Exercise the pain is triggered and what Exercises are to be avoided.

This article was written by (Ruth de Carné)

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