Bitter or not bitter?: Like a Gin and Tonic tastes like, shows how intelligent one is

The opinions about Gin and Tonic are far apart. While some people enjoy the combination of Gin and Tonic Water, feel other the a long drink as an extremely bitter.

How do you take personally the taste of Gin and Tonic, true, says, according to researchers from the University of Queensland, Australia, a lot about your intelligence quotient.

The researchers showed with their study that the taste is correlated perception with the size of the brain and, therefore, conclusions about the intelligence of people permits.

The larger the brain, the less bitter

The researchers made in their study, more than 1,600 volunteers in Australia and America drinks, with sweet and bitter flavors to taste. The participants should estimate how you you have felt the taste of each sample.

For the Bitter Test Tonic Water was used, because it contains a chemical compound quinine, by nature, is bitter.

After the Test was measured at the subjects, the size of your brain with an MRI Scan.

The results showed that subjects samples with a larger brain, the Taste less bitter feelings than subjects who have less brain mass.

“Whether you enjoy Tonic Water or not, people with a larger brain usually find it less bitter,” said Daniel Hwang of the medical faculty of the University of Queensland in a press release.

According to the researchers, the size of the brain is a Fakor for the intelligence of the people. Specifically, this means: The bigger the brain is, the smarter it is.

The brain determines eating behavior

For this reason, people who feel bitter beverage to be pleasant and less Intrusive, are apparently even smarter.

Originally, the study was conducted, however, under a different Background. The results for the improvement of the nutrition behavior and on the treatment of eating disorders is intended to serve.

“It was unclear whether the brain size determines more than the IQ of a Person, but now we can show that it affects how we perceive food and Drink,” says Hwang.


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