According to the study: About Singles life happier than couples

Being single makes you lonely? The rumor keeps itself persistent. Wrongly, as a ‘Journal of Social and Personal Relationships’, published study shows.

In this came the American scientists to the conclusion that Singles are better integrated in their social environment than people living in a relationship or marriage. Therefore, you often live happier.

Singles have better social contacts

Whether a spontaneous coffee date, family gathering or a chat with the neighbor: he Who lives without a Partner, is known to be often more flexible and takes more time for his fellow man.

Came to the conclusion the researchers after they compared their meta-study, the personal information and assessments of U.S.-Americans who were raised in various scientific studies, to each other.

Who is alone, lives happier

Consequently, Singles are more and more frequent contact with others, help friends, parents, siblings, or neighbors and take their help rather than married or contracted to people.

Therefore, Singles are according to the researchers, it is a win for the company.

And Best of all, you often live happier and more satisfied.

Singles have every reason to think positively.


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Julia Are

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