A Kickboxer Just Broke His Own World Record for Most Punches in 1 Minute

A kickboxer has set a new Guinness World Record for performing the most full extension punches in one minute. Pavel Trusov from Bratislava, Slovakia, completed a staggeringly rapid 334 reps in November 2020, breaking his own previous world record of 322 punches.

Trusov, who has been a passionate practitioner of martial arts since the age of six and who regularly shows off his boxing skills on social media, prepared for his original record-breaking attempt over a six-month period, using a combination of powerlifting, interval training and CrossFit workouts to build strength and endurance, and get his body into peak condition.

“It was during this training that I learned what incredible muscle pain is,” he said. “But motivation and family support is the best motivational medicine.”

This second record was achieved as part of Guinness World Records Day 2020, an annual event during which people around the world push their physical and mental talents to the absolute limit.

If you think you might one day have what it takes to trounce Trusov’s record-breaking stint, or are simply curious about taking up the sport, try one of these boxing workouts, which focus on helping you develop the coordination, focus, speed and endurance that’s required of anyone who steps into the ring.

And remember: you don’t need access to a boxing gym to start training. As lightweight champion Ryan Garcia said of his quarantine training routine: “Adjust to your surroundings, because the world don’t wait for you. Just like Bruce Lee said: You need to be like water. Water goes into a cup, it turns into the cup. Water goes into anything, it becomes that. That’s what you need to do when you’re working out, and for anything in life. Just keep adjusting.”

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