Kylie Jenner Just Shared a Sneak Peek of the New Kylie Cosmetics Blush

Kylie Jenner is barely done celebrating her 21st birthday — and launching her corresponding Kylie Cosmetics 21st birthday collection — but she's already out here hinting at yet another makeup drop.

Over the weekend, Jenner posted a classic KarJenner Instagram triptych, featuring three fierce photos showing off the very sparkly, vintage Gucci minidress she wore to one of her b-day bashes. But while the dress might have been the star of the photo, the runner-up was definitely the glimpse Jenner gave of an unreleased Kylie Cosmetics blush.

She made sure to give fans all the details about her beat in the caption. "G L A M! Born To Sparkle liquid shadow (bday collection), Champagne Showers highlighter (bday collection), Coconut lip liner with Bare Matte Lip, & New Blush Sneak Peeeeek!" she wrote. Imagine wearing a full face of makeup from your very own billion-dollar beauty line all by your 21st birthday. Relatable.

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As you probably noticed, among all the shoutouts to existing products from her line was a tiny detail about the new blush, we suppose just oh-so-casually included to drive the Kylie Cosmetics stans crazy. Judging by the photo, the blush is a light orangey-pink that's either iridescent or blends perfectly with her Champagne Showers highlighter. To this beauty detective's eye, it looks more like a powder blush than a cream. Alas, digging for further details from her makeup artist, Ariel Tejada, who surely has the tea, proved fruitless: "Wearing Born to Sparkle on her eyes by @kyliecosmetics birthday collection! And new Blush!! Coming soon!" was all he wrote on his own Instagram post. Sadly, it seems that the only solution is to wait patiently and find out more when Jenner launches the collection for real — which, with any luck, will happen in the next few weeks.

Kylie Cosmetics already has multiple blush options; Jenner has developed five distinct shades of pressed-powder blush, including the notoriously named "Barely Legal," which caused a stir upon its release last year. If you're interested in stocking up before the new offerings are released, the site offers a bundle of all five shades for $98.

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