Your October 2021 Sex Horoscope Is All About Mixing Things Up

October kicks off for you with Mercury hanging out in retrograde. And, while your sex life isn’t going to implode or anything, it does mean you’ll turn a close eye on your relationship. You’ll take a beat—or three—to do a temperature check on your love life. Are things where you’d like to be at this point or is there room for improvement? Only you know the answer.

The new moon in Libra on the 6th makes you want to do your own thing, whether that’s going after someone who catches your eye across the bar or taking some Q.T. away from your S.O.

When Venus moves into Sagittarius on the 7th, it’ll bring some seriously flirty energy into your life (score!) Even if you’ve been with the same person for ages, it’ll suddenly feel like you just started dating again and can’t stop daydreaming about each other. Take advantage of it.

The Sun moves into Scorpio on the 23rd, shifting the energy in your love life into a new gear. If you’re single, you’ll be flooded with date requests. Already coupled up? You’ll be inspired to do a slew of new, out-of-the-box things with your partner. Rappelling this weekend? You’re both so there.

Here’s what else is in store for you this month, according to Donna Page, a professional astrologer with a graduate degree in counseling psychology.

Venus is hanging out in the friendship sector of your chart the first few days of the month, sending you a gentle reminder of just how tight you and your partner really are. Revel in it—it’s amazing to find that in someone.

The new moon on the 6th pushes you to get away from it all with your S.O. You so need a break. And if you’re single, you won’t be for long—your friends have someone special in mind for you. (Don’t say no to a blind date!) You’ll be able to take some time to really get to know each other…and it could be the start of something big in your life.

It’s easy to coast through your relationship, not really putting in much effort. But the new moon on the 6th will make you want to dive a little deeper. What else can you learn about your partner?

You’ll also feel a push to get out of town with your buddies. And, if you’re single, keep your eyes open. Someone is checking you out, and they’re perfect for you. The full moon on the 20th is hanging out in a sector of your chart about communication, making it the right time to just sit down with someone special and talk. Break open a bottle of wine, light a candle, and just go for it. You’ll be surprised at how good it feels.

You’re kicking off the month feeling super confident and sexy, Pisces, and you’re ready to share that with someone. The new moon on the 6th stirs up a sensual energy for you, making you more than ready to spend that time in bed. This is a really good time to cozy up to someone new. Just listen to your gut when it comes to how much you’re willing to open up.

Already coupled up? You’ll get even closer. On the 7th, singles will meet someone new, just going about your day-to-day. Don’t be afraid to dive in—they’re worth your time.

You’re an amazing partner, Aries (obviously), but this month you’re going to be a next-level cheerleader. Your S.O. will so appreciate your pep talks about going after that raise or sticking with their marathon training—and it’ll be noted for the future. Good deeds always come back around…

If you’re single, take your friends up on their invites to get out there. Someone new and interesting will catch your eye, even if it’s at something as simple as happy hour drinks. Just keep your radar on and vet people before you let them get too close. You’re not just anyone, after all…

When Venus moves into Sagittarius on the 7th, you’ll be ready to get out and travel with someone special. And really, what’s stopping you?

You know that new teddy you’ve been saving for that just-right moment? It’s go time. Venus moves into a sector of your chart about depth and intimacy on the 7th, stirring up a super sexual energy for you.

You’ll be ready to explore something different, whether it’s a fresh move in bed or bringing someone new home. Already coupled up? The full moon on the 20th makes you realize it’s been a minute since you and your partner have really connected. So, make plans to turn off your phones, cozy up, and just be together. It’ll bring you so much closer than you realize.

Your love life is going to be easy-peasy lemon squeezy this month, Gemini. The new moon on the 6th is hanging out in your 5th house of dating and creativity, bringing a playful, harmonious energy into your love life. If you see someone you’re into, go for it. What’s the worst that can happen?

And, if you’re already coupled up, just have fun with it, whether it’s goofing off together during a walk in the park or catching up about your days over takeout. BTW: You might want to stock up on lots of lube now, because you’re going to get plenty of action this month. When the 20th rolls around, you’ll start to think a friend in your life could turn into something more…

Just a heads up, you’ll take a beat this month to think about your obligations to your S.O. Are you being as good of a partner as you can be or is it time to show up a little more for the special person in your life? Even an impromptu backrub will make them feel so pampered.

Venus is hanging out in your sign for the first six days of the month, making it the perfect time to connect with someone new. If you’re single, you can meet a new flame at your local coffee shop or the grocery store. Keep your eyes open. Around the 20th, you’ll have a solid think about where your relationship is headed. Are we on the same page or not?

Communication is clutch in a relationship and the new moon on the 6th will be a powerful reminder for you. Just a heads up: Re-read your voice texts before you hit send. Firing something off quickly could make your S.O. think you’re being a little passive-aggressive, even when you’re just trying to ask what they want for dinner.

Single? Be careful of judging someone too fast. The right person for you may not be amazing at great first impressions. If you’re already coupled up, be prepared for a little debating this month.

The key: Make sure both of you are being heard, and agree to disagree. The full moon on the 20th makes you crave a getaway with someone special. So, start making plans for a romantic trip. You deserve it.

Communication is the key to any good relationship, Virgo, and this month you want to know all the tea. What hints can you get your partner to drop about that special date they’re planning? And what else should you know about that new person you’re seeing?

When Venus moves into Sagittarius on the 7th, you’ll be ready to bring someone special home. If you’re single, get out there—someone wants to meet you, and they’re not far from your place. Prepare to spend the 20th in bed with a partner: The universe is sending some seriously sexy vibes your way.

Even though you’re owning the single life, take a sec this month to think about where you want things to go in the future. Are you ready to bring someone special into your fold or are you just not there yet with commitment? There are no wrong answers.

When Venus moves into Sagittarius on the 7th, you’ll be all about connecting with your partner on an intellectual level. Like, how do they really feel about everything? The full moon on the 20th sends some serious partnership energy your way, making it the perfect time to cozy up with your S.O. And, if you’re not coupled up at the moment, you’ll feel a huge urge to go after what—and who—you want. There’s zero reason not to.

Your life is naturally sexy because, hello, you’re a Scorpio. But Venus is hanging out in your sign at the beginning of the month, making things extra spicy for you. Plan to spend a lot of that time in bed. When Venus moves in to Sagittarius on the 7th, you’ll take a beat to wonder what your relationship is costing you on the emotional front.

Do you feel like your partner checks all the boxes, or could they stand to be a teensy bit more supportive? If so, it’s time to speak up. The full moon on the 20th gives you a gentle reminder that you’re busy AF, but that’s no excuse to neglect your love life.

So, ask your partner to join you on errands. You’ll be laughing together the whole time. Single? You’ll meet someone new and interesting this month, so keep your eyes open…

Your love life is in cruise control this month, Sag. You’ll be flooded with so many date invites you won’t even know how to handle it. Already in a relationship? Your partner will ramp up the sweet gestures, reminding you of how perfect you really are for each other.

The full moon on the 20th is in your house of dating and having fun, sending lots of wild energy your way. There’s a midnight outdoor rave the next town over? You—and your S.O.—are so there. Jupiter stirs up some strong communication vibes for you this month, making it a really great time to just connect with someone special, whether you just met or have been together for ages.

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