You can see where the air quality is after the Böllerei particularly bad, even in front of your doorstep?

The thickness of the air after the nightly fireworks: In many Metropolitan areas in Germany, the measurement stations of the Federal environment Agency (UBA) showed on Wednesday morning, the very high fine dust values. “The air quality is everywhere in the big cities is worse,” said a spokesman of the German weather service with reference to the UBA data from the new year’s day. A look at the values of the measuring stations confirms this: In the Rhine-Main Region or in the Ruhr area, Bremen and Hannover, Munich or Nuremberg marked in dark red color points on Wednesday morning, a very bad air quality, which was mainly due to increased fine dust values.

The map shows where the concentrations of certain pollutants such as fine dust on new year’s day were high. Especially in urban areas, the air was bad. An interactive Version of the map, you can find here.

Smoke and smoke is not attracted in the absence of Wind

Came to the rockets calm regional: the combination of the weather and the fireworks has led, for example, in Stuttgart, many of the operations of the fire Department due to false alarms of fire detectors. Fumes and smoke are not removed after the above, but would have jammed to the ground, said a spokesman for the Integrated command and control centre.

Health hazard

It is particularly dangerous for children and the Elderly: a ton of fine dust through new year’s eve fireworks

The Federal environment Agency (UBA) calculated in a brochure that each year, around 4200 tons of fine dust by the Burning of fireworks are launched, the biggest part of the night in the new year. The fireworks industry has criticized this calculation is recently considered to be too high and referred to their own measurements during the Burning of fireworks. The results they wanted to introduce in January, the first of the UBA, and then to the Public, the Association of the pyrotechnics industry (VPI). The UBA would like to check the VPI values.

Negative example: the graph shows The evolution of the measured air quality at a Station in the centre of Hamburg. It can clearly be seen, as the Graph between the new year’s eve and new year’s in the height’s.

In the case of fine dust are the smallest particles. Depending on the size they can reach not only deep into the lungs and bronchi, but also into the blood and diseases of the cardiovascular system may be caused. Extremely high levels of air pollution can cause small children, the elderly and those with asthma and chronic Lung diseases and acute problems such as cough and shortness of breath.

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