Why cold burdened the heart and what are the warning signs you should pay attention – Video

Minus grades are for the body distressing. Also, the heart and the circulation of the blood have to fight with cool temperatures. The cold narrows the blood vessels and the heart muscle needs more energy. As a result, the risk of a heart attack increases.

Low temperatures in the minus range the heart consume enormous. The cold constricts the vessels and thus the blood pressure rises. The heart has to apply more energy to pump the blood through the body.

People with heart problems are particularly at risk

In addition, the heart muscle is supplied with less oxygen and can no longer work as effectively as before. The coronary vessels are more prone to cramps. Especially in the case of persons who are already ill with heart disease, increases the risk for a heart attack or Angina Pectoris attack. But even healthy people should watch for the following warning signs.

You feel a sudden pain in the Form of pressure or Burning in the chest, the first symptoms are. Heart problems can indicate also by shortness of breath. Also in previously healthy individuals, they can occur. Therefore, you should go for these signs of a doctor immediately.

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Little stressful activities can prevent

Also, you should refrain from strenuous physical loads, such as snow shovelling,. This is not to say, however, that you should avoid exercise completely since exercise also strengthens when it is cold the heart. To stay In the warm apartment, is so counterproductive. It is important not to overwhelm the body. Light Jogging or something faster good activities are Going.

Also, you should check in the cold Season, frequent blood pressure and pulse. At temperatures below zero degrees Celsius is not also advisable to wear a scarf over nose and mouth, so that the inhaled air is so cold.

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