Whether Stress belly or rescue ring: So you get rid of your bacon again

Fat belly is not the same fat belly. As different as the origin of the bacon rolls, so different, the tactics are against it. We will show you 5 different woman belly-types – and how to get rid of the best.

1. The Tummy

The upper abdomen is flat, below the belly button, a little tummy bulge (see image above).

This is your Problem: a lack of exercise can women with this Bauchtyp was not to blame. Often the curvature is created just by Training. Indeed, there are Exercises that make this part of the abdomen. Another cause: Fast Food and sweet Snacks.

The solution: avoid Sit-ups. Performed incorrectly, you let the belly only become more prominent. They prefer to do pushups. And you decrease your sweets, and Fast Food consumption. Otherwise, a rescue ring at some point.


2. The Mommy-Belly

Colourbox.de/FOL Flabby abdominal muscles in the upper and lower abdomen often occurs after a pregnancy. The belly after a pregnancy characterized by flabby abdominal muscles in the upper and lower abdomen.

This is your Problem: The mommy belly after pregnancy due to stretched connective tissue and a worn-out abdominal muscles.

The solution: The classic: a Light meal (you are eating for two!) and sports help the majority of women permanently against the pregnancy belly.


3. The Stress Belly

Colourbox.de/FOL When stress belly often fat tissue in the abdominal wall through the stomach and intestines of The Stress-belly is characterized by a lot of fat tissue in the abdominal wall through the stomach and intestines. Many of those Affected also suffer from intestinal problems.

This is your Problem: you have a lot of Stress, thus, often meals or slings you down. Thus, you swallow a lot of air. The burden on the gastro-intestinal tract.

The solution: take your time when eating and you prefer a light meal.


4. The Rescue Ring

Colourbox.de/FOL This life ring is characterized by two ring-shaped fat pad. This Bauchtyp is shown in two annular cushions of fat, a about and below the waist.

This is your Problem: from the age of 30 years is used in the metabolism sluggish. Who is eating yet more Pizza and chocolate as before, the unpopular rescue rings are growing fast.

The solution: Against the lifebuoys only helps in endurance sports. And thus, the fat rings are not coming back: Avoid carbohydrates.


5. The Bloating

Colourbox.de/FOL The bloating is in the morning still flat, in the course of the day arches. The stomach is in the morning still flat, in the course of the day, he puffs up in the middle and lower abdominal area. In the extreme case, in the evening he’s rock hard and hurts.

This is your Problem: A reason for bloat may have a food intolerance, such as to Gluten or Lactose. Also carbonated beverages can lead to bloating. But Stress can also lead to bloating.

The solution: avoid coffee, carbonated drinks, Fast Food, spicy dishes, and other flatulent food, such as onions or legumes. Instead, eat avoid stomach food, such as cooked vegetables.