What movement helps?

Pain CoachingWhich exercise helps?

MIRROR KNOW has developed an eight-week Coaching for people with chronic pain, you can learn to understand your pain better and more competent to deal with them. This is the fifth part. The other parts can you find in the following weeks.

“Are you in pain? Then, you move more!” This tip listen to people with chronic pain by family physicians and orthopaedists, physical therapists and well-meaning fellow human beings.

Similar to the theme of relaxation also applies here: it is of Course true that exercise can help to relieve pain. Especially if you give up a possibly occupied posture, which aggravates the pain. Not to stay In motion, to freeze in pain, so it is recommended.

However, there is little that brings it to force yourself to daily Back exercises, if you have no desire to do so. Hanne Seemann, accompanied in their psycho-therapeutic practice for many years, pain patients, has observed time and again that neither pure relaxation or pure action for the sake of help.

Therefore, the aims of the practical unit this week, with both sides – movement and relaxation – to employ and to combine, as it is a good.

A good exchange

Below you will find a list with suggestions for the areas of activity and movement, as well as for rest and relaxation. Read through both lists, and select from each of the two suggestions that might fit you and do you good, also in relation to their pain and possible pain relief.

Important: as always, what’s comfortable to you is what you like to do, and not what you eventually get.

Movement and activity:

  • Dance
  • Swim a few lengths
  • Jogging or treadmill in the fitness Studio
  • Strength training
  • Wheel drive
  • Chi Gong or Thai Chi
  • Martial arts
  • Football, Basketball or other team sports
  • Table tennis
  • Hiking or walking
  • Badminton, Squash, Tennis

Consider also, once again, regardless of the list: What are pleasant activities? What moves you?

Relaxation and rest:

  • Relaxation techniques
  • On the Sofa lazing
  • Read
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Paint, or Tinker
  • Something to build or something around tinkering
  • Quiet Conversations
  • Sauna, Steam Bath
  • In nature
  • Listen to music

Consider also again, regardless of the list: What is for you a pleasant way of relaxation? What calms you down?

If you have found one or two things in the area of peace and in the area of movement, like you well, then try out this week, both of rubrics as often as possible in everyday life to incorporate at least three days. Very important: ask yourself beforehand whether you can now just rest or movement the better – and up after that.

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If you remember the end of the week that you over-emphasize one of the two poles, ask yourself whether this is typical of you and in your everyday life often occurs (“it’s true, I save me in a lot of movement and action”), or whether that was new for you and how a balance was experienced (“it’s true, finally I felt active, it felt good”).

Try to pay attention in the next few weeks when activity and when to rest good for you and you can depend on.

To each output LEVEL of KNOWLEDGE a practical, easy to implement Online Coaching suitable to its respective folder theme.

Each Coaching session lasts eight weeks. During this time, you will always receive on Friday by E-Mail a exercise unit that can help you to make your life better. Here is the Newsletter:

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