What helps against bad breath?

No diseases are, he’s harmless. However, halitosis is a unangehmer companion. What are the oral hygiene tips against putrid breath help, and when you should see a doctor

Fresh breath gefädigit? With our care tips gehört mouth smell of the past!

Really bad mouth odor is Affected ‘sniff’ him. Most of the time you Gegen&uuml but for the first time;ber on the putrid breath attention – and is silent, then from Höimmorality. Statistically, every Fourth person suffers in Germany under the mouth smell that is not only vorütemporarily by the consumption of garlic or onions was caused, according to the Bavarian Landeszahnämedical Board (BLZK). Most of the people he is uncomfortable and embarrassing. However, in many Fäcases köcan you yourself do something about it.

A dry mouth causes bad breath. Therefore, Affected drying should end Getränke like tea with tannins, coffee, or alcohol übermäßig consume and also to Smoking to avoid. Regelmäßiges of water to drink föpromotes the flow of saliva. He spült germs fort and cleans the Mundhöhle. A grüsensitive oral hygiene trägt, is that smell image multiply bacteria, not so strong köcan or not at all in the first place. Otherwise, they break down food and cell residues and produce flüpowerful sulfur compounds. These cause the typical rotting cabbage-smelling breath.

Good oral hygiene helps fight against odour-forming bacteria

You have enough food, köthe bacteria in Bel&auml can;gene, between the Zästand up or in the recesses of the Zungenoberfläche ungestört to multiply. "Deposits are a häfrequent cause für Mund­geruch", the Zahn&auml says;rztin Nicola Huber from MüMunich.  By Zähneputzen alone, you can’t get there. However, with comprehensive Hygienemaßalso took the seat at the end of bacteria hidden clearing (see picture gallery).

In addition, dental diseases such as caries or periodontitis häoften the cause of bad breath, as is infections of the nasopharyngeal tract. Rare Diabetes, diseases of the digestive tract, or drugs that reduce the flow of saliva, the reason f&uuml are;r the bad breath. Who suffers despite comprehensive Hygiene are permanently available at the Problem, should kl&auml therefore it is imperative that the dentist the causes;ren.

With these tips, you can combat mouth odor

Säyou ubern the Zahnzwischenräume

Even the most sophisticated Büthe first models, and zealous cleaners can not reach all Points between the ­Zästand up. Zahnärztin Nicola Huber recommends the Zwischen­rät&auml ume, therefore,;possible with a Inter­dentalbüfirst of Beläto clean the gene. The gums application erkläthe dentist or Dental­hygienists. With floss debris and Plaque can food from very narrow cracks remove.

The tongue should not be forgotten

"The tongue t&auml should;possible werden&quot cleaned;, Sylvia Fresmann, Chairman of the German society f&uuml says;r dental hygienist. Flat Zungenbüthe first ­do the grürural, as a scraper, but should ­regelmäßig &ndash be replaced; the best is always the same with the Zahnbüfirst.

Normal Zahnbübrushes easily create Würgereiz. Who also with the Spezialbüfirst happens, the experts advise to try the procedure with my eyes closed. If you like, you can be a anti bacterial Gel für use the tongue cleaning.

Spüyou len the oral cavity

Mundspülungs with chlorhexidine digluconate köcan help oberfl&auml, ;to eliminate frail bacteria. The BLZK also recommends Lösolutions with zinc fluoride, Cetyl-Pyridine-chloride or Wasserstoffper­oxide, and their Use scientifically proven. "Because the Zähne verfäturnips and partly aggressive, should such Spülungs höa maximum of 14 days applied werden", warns Huber.

Moisten the Schleimhäute in the mouth

The Schleimhäto keep the ute is moist, you should.and regelm&auml…ßig drink the best pure water. "Some patients schwören also on the Ölziehen", dental hygienist Fresmann says. Thus it is moved, for example, a Esslöffel Sonnenblumenöl for 20 minutes in the mouth, then spits it out.

Lozenges, or chewing gum without active ingredients also stimulate the production of saliva, and, according to BLZK in addition, a mechanical cleaning effect. Nevertheless, they make the breath only vorütemporarily fresh.

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Other causes of mouth odour

A touchy subject, üabout the no one likes to talk about. The causes of bad breath are mostly located in the mouth itself, and rarely put a serious illness behind it