Wenns in the mouth, pulls, pains, and throbs

The ice pack helps with tooth pain and relieves inflammation

At the beginning, it is perhaps only a slight, later the pain comes back even harder. The pain is strong and stays, you should go to the dentist. Because ongoing pain the teeth and jaws indicate that something is wrong. If you own a company in great agony nothing, it may be that the teeth of death, or in the worst case, the jaw bone damage.

Tooth pain when the tooth nerve gets irritated. This nerve is located in the Interior of the tooth. Normally, this space is well sealed: the pulp of a tooth around the tooth enamel sits, he keeps everything that happens in the mouth, from the tooth nerve. Where the enamel stops, protects the gums to the Tooth. The root of the tooth is sitting deep in the jaw surrounded by bone and tissue. First, if one of these protection inflamed layers, perforated or destroyed, something can reach the dental nerve then threatening trouble.

Throbbing pain means The Tooth can die

The tooth necks are exposed, hot coffee, cold lemonade, or in saliva up sweets caused to penetrate through the tiny open tubules of the tooth neck up to the tooth nerve and irritate him. You will then perceive a pulling pain.

It hurts only when you eat Sweets, it could be due to the fact that the pain is Tooth already at a point lazy. Because tooth decay sugar can increase the pain. The tooth has the sensitive pulp of a tooth rot been reached, in which the nerve is embedded, it starts to throb painfully. Then you should go to the dentist. Because the pain will worsen, the tooth decay will eat deeper and deeper into the Tooth until the Tooth dies.

A filling is leaking, bacteria can slip into the gaps between filling material and Tooth. In this niche the development of tooth decay, you may respond to Sweet and Sour with pain. However, even without decay or a defective filling can torment: Through the gap, heat or cold can penetrate to the nerve – the nerve is acknowledged with pain signals.

Also, the gums can hurt

When the gums become inflamed, can you do something to hurt – it doesn’t have to. Such a Gingivitis usually develops due to plaque by Brushing, you can prevent the worst from happening. You do nothing, the gums will become inflamed, however, may be more, it swells, bleeds, and separates from the Tooth. Ill then the whole of the surrounding tissues, including the root and the jaw bone, you will have a Periodontitis. That hurts.

You have pain only when Chewing, it could not be that a bridge, filling or denture fits correctly. Maybe she is at any point too high, too low, too long or too short. Because then your Teeth will not properly mesh, the pressure increases while Chewing in certain Places. This can irritate the nerve of the affected tooth. It may even be that the pain radiates to the ear or the jaw joint. Do not overload the Tooth permanently, he can die: it hurts quite a bit, but most of the people feel a throbbing pain.

Too much pressure teeth do not like in General. He continues, responds to signals from the corresponding Tooth or the jaw, with Pain. The causes for the pressure can be quite different: grinding of the teeth or clenching of the teeth often strong, can be overloaded for the Teeth. Maybe wrong growing teeth or in the jaw hidden wisdom teeth are the culprit: they can crowd other teeth and pushing away.

Tablets and the cloves to relieve the pain

Against sudden tooth pain, you can take tablets. The over-the-counter pain reliever with the active ingredients Paracetamol, Acetyl-salicylic acid (ASA) or Ibuprofen are all the same. Effervescent tablets relieve the pain faster, since the active substance passes rapidly into the cells. Stop the pain, you are strong, or return again and again, you should go to the dentist.

The tooth necks are sensitive, can pastes do for sensitive teeth may be good. They contain such substances such as potassium nitrate, fluoride, mixtures, or Strontium chloride. Whether it is these substances which expel the pain, but it is still completely unclear. Possibly, only the plaster sand that is included in all tooth-pastes, the small tubes in the neck of the tooth closes, so that neither Hot nor Cold can penetrate to the nerve.

Who cured with natural ingredients, you can rely on home remedies, for example, cloves. They are chewed. This also presses the herbal ingredients. They reduce the pain and inhibit any inflammation. The same effect moist cloth or ice pack and place it on her cheek.

Kirsten Milhahn