Toothbrush: nucleation in the bathroom Cabinet – Healthy life

The toothbrush we take daily at least two Times in the mouth – you should be clean and free of germs. In the case of the storage of a lot of people make two big mistakes. Sabrina Nickel gives you amazing answers to the big question: what to do with the toothbrush?

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The two big errors:

  • Toothbrush in your bathroom Cabinet store: bacteria spread especially well in a wet environment. Thus, the toothbrush is not to be a Germ spreader, should be dry so as quickly as possible. In a closed Cabinet that will take a lot longer and is almost impossible. Therefore brush better with the head up in a glass and without a cover, store and ventilate well.
  • Tooth mug is not (or not often enough) flush: In these jars, any quantity of germs, which, after all, of the anti-bacterial toothpaste can be killed off a large part of cavort. Nevertheless, we should rinse the beaker Once per week, thoroughly… so that it stays that way.

Tristan Jorde, Department head environment at the consumer advice centre Hamburg, recommends, in addition to the frequent Change of the tooth brush head, regular cleaning of the toothbrush Cup. As well as the storage outside of the bathroom Cabinet, so that the head can be well ventilated and dry. Because everything is wet, forms a potential of the Bacteria.

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